ukrainian female

ukrainian female

What are typical Ukrainian facial features?

Undoubtedly, both Russians and Ukrainians belong to the Slavic nations. At the same time in the central part of Russia the following phenotype dominates: medium height, medium build, fair skin, light (gray or blue) eyes, and light brown hair.

What is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian woman?

Ukrainian women vs Russian women in appearance: Russian women tend to have more blue eyes and red or blonde hair with finer faces. On the other hand, Ukrainians are more expressive with their facial expression with green eyes and darker hair.

What is the difference between Ukrainian and Russian?

Main Differences Between Russian and Ukrainian Russian is the official language of Russian and three other countries, whereas Ukrainian is the official state language of only the country of Ukraine. Russian uses the hard sign, but in Ukrainian, this sign is replaced with the usage of an apostrophe.

Which are the Slavic countries?

Slavic people (Slavs) can be divided into three subgroups based upon their geographic and linguistic distribution: West Slavs (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia), East Slavs (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine), and South Slavs (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia).

Where are Slavs originally from?

Slav, member of the most numerous ethnic and linguistic body of peoples in Europe, residing chiefly in eastern and southeastern Europe but extending also across northern Asia to the Pacific Ocean. Slavic languages belong to the Indo-European family.

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