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Tinder Sex Guide 2020: How to use the Tinder for Hookups Easily

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Tinder Hookups Series

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Tinder is well known as a great app for fast throwing, connecting or getting the Tinder sex date.

I’ll walk you through this article:

Best time limited suggestions

At the end of this article, you will learn the best approach to finding connections with the Tinder.

Site with a good mood, alternative to the Tinder we recommend: & .

Live right in the game!

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The contents of the article

What is a Tinder?

Generally, the Tinder is a dating application where people from all over the world can find their match

thanks to its simplicity, convenient design and powerful matching algorithm.

Pl>Plus Tinder is known for its wide range of users (from speed dating to soul mates), while apps like Tinder are more suitable for those who want a serious relationship and are proud of their game.

, almost 80% of guys and girls on the Tinder are 18-24 years old.

This is a universal, easy to learn and very effective!

And the Tinder for sex or dating?

This is it!

Whenever you are looking for something sustainable, you will find it!

If you’re looking for a Tinder or a Tinder threesome!

It depends on your approach and your own luck!

How does the Tinder work?

I mentioned part of luck, right?

Tinder, your luck chances depend not only on luck, but also on the overall approach and needs, as well as the number of matches.

Tinder, enter your basic data, interests, photos and biography (more on this later), but what really matters here is your location.

Your location should be active as long as you use the Tinder, because you will immediately be presented with the profiles of the ladies closest to you.

You can of course customize the range of the Tinder search algorithm no matter how you think it is.

So the Tinder will find several ladies around you, and then you will need to select one or more for the potential contact.

How do you do that?


Scroll is how you show whether you are interested in a particular lady’s profile or not.

If you scroll to the left (click on her main image and pull it to the left), you show that you are not interested. If you flip to the right, you show her that you’re not interested in her.

Plain, right?

This is really simple, but at the same time very safe for girls on the Internet.

This sad truth is that there are men who don’t have such big intentions when it comes to dating or talking to women in general. Males come in all shapes and sizes.

This is why you can only talk to a girl if she also hit you right.

If this happens, you can continue with the messages and see what’s going on, and if not, just keep flipping!

Tinder is a huge numbers game, and if you are persistent enough and give the app a shot, you will find some very hot and steamy sex on the Tinder!

How guys look for Hookups on the Tinder Often fails

How many men look for the Tinder date of the sex of their dreams, but most of them just never really get the mark.

It’s just that some of them have too many red flags (any of you guys treat women like another neckline in bed, you should be ashamed of yourself!), while others are just unlucky.

I’ve had the chance to talk to a lot of guys from the last band, and I’ve come to the conclusion that they all made almost the same mistake:

  • They had too long and serious conversations;
  • They had very, very few Tinder hits;
  • I’m lucky they went out on a date, but they were not lucky.They had too long and serious conversationsThey had very, very few Tinder hitsI was lucky they went on a date, but they weren’t lucky.I looked at their profiles and immediately saw the reason: their profiles were made to attract more serious ladies, not for the casual affair they were targeting.They sent completely wrong messages and gave completely wrong sensations by skipping their light year mark. In the next part of the text I’ll tell you how to correctly create/modify your profile so that you can get lots of matches and thus increase your chances of finding the Tinder sex dates!Attracting Hookup MatchesWhen it comes to dating and life in general, there is an inevitable truth that we must admit:Men have always had trouble understanding women.This may be true for anyone, regardless of gender, but traditionally men do not fully understand women. We have, however, been able to imagine some parts of their impeccable mind, and these parts are also linked to their opinion of sex. This is why let me solve the mystery of all puzzles: women love sex as much as we men do! If you’ve ever had any doubts about this, feel free to stop asking questions. Statistically speaking, men are those who prefer casual sex over women. Where 9.2% of men said that they had sex on the Tinder or Tinder date at least once, while 8.5% of women said the same thing. According to a 2018 study, Tinder was used by 10% more men than women. However, even if they are less inclined to find an affair, that certainly doesn’t mean they never do it! Of course they do, but unlike us men, they have a slightly higher standard.What’s important here is that if you don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, she’ll probably want a little more than just coffee! Great! Be a ladies’ man, let her know that you are a charming womanizer looking for fun, and make it clear! She would not like to be in a relationship with you, but she will definitely want to share a passionate evening with you. And that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Be as friendly and kind as you want, but make your intentions clear. Women hate fake people, and don’t forget it!How to use the Tinder for sex Let us assume you’re on the air. You want to use the Tinder only for sex, and you are ready and willing to explore the troubled waters of online dating. But it is not as easy as people think.You see, online dating has its own rules and rhythm and you will need to listen to these rules if you want to get these Tinder dates for sex.In this regard, let me show you a few more words of wisdom.Women love the bad guys.Women love the good guys.It’s contradictory, right? Well, not really. Apparently, women will definitely be attracted to the bad guys and their insidious charms, but they won’t want anything serious with them. But there is another trait that women value just as much as confidence, and this trait is reliability. The classic bad boy stereotype can be described as an extremely confident and extremely unreliable man. The reason why women are happy to flirt with them, but never anything more serious than that. The good guy stereotype is the polar opposite: absolutely reliable and at the same time absolutely unreliable.reliability can be attractive, but insecurity can completely spoil the mood, so women often choose something more serious and therefore more pleasant in the long run. But these are just stereotypes, sad as I am; reality works somewhat differently. Bad guys with a very kind heart, like very, very strange and cruel good guys!This is a fact when you are looking for a hot date Tinder, you need to balance these two traits; you need to be both confident and reliable – the bad guy with the soul of a good guy. Self-confident men are sexy because they know they can take responsibility and are not afraid of it when the situation demands it. If a woman sees that you can take care of any situation, she will be sure that you can take care of her exactly as she needs you to. But confidence and aggressiveness can only lead you so far. Be aggressive, but restrained in aggressiveness. Balancing these two traits is the key to a successful TinderYou already know the basic mechanic when it comes to the application itself, which means we are ready to play the game! Creating a Tinder profileWhen it comes to using the Tinder for sex only (and using the Tinder in general, that is), you need to create an account first.Two ways to do this.The most effective way to do this is usually to use your Facebook account to log in to the Tinder.This is the way most people log in to the Tinder because it makes it easier for them to use photos from their Facebook account, provides more information about themselves to attract more serious potential matches, etc. And to prove it, there is research that says that the Tinder was the app that people used to log in to most of their Facebook accounts, thus defeating Candy Crush and Spotify!Athe other way is to simply download the app, log in with your mobile phone and simply connect your Instagram or Facebook account later.2. Select “Proprietary Images”The next step in creating your profile is .This part is a bit confusing and most guys make mistakes sending the wrong message and getting very few matches.You should choose photos that show how attractive and interesting you are, but they should be natural, not on the nose. They should show that you are here to find the Tinder hookup, not a serious relationship. Selfies can go if they are cool enough, but try not to use them so much. Take you in a suit, at an official meeting, or while talking to a large group of people. Women love men in suits, and this peak is sure to bring you a lot of matches. Another great peak is for pets. Pet icons are a gold mine when it comes to attracting potential matches. Whoever’s looking for something serious or sexy, women can’t help but adore cute men holding a cute puppy or kitten! Bonus points for both! Taking a picnic where you enjoy outdoor activities is also an amazing way to attract exactly the kind of audience you are looking for. These pictures show your sense of adventure and that you are not afraid to take risks (in case you are into extreme sports).Women love men who are confident enough to indulge themselves in these activities, and that the attitude and charm of Bad Boy is exactly what you should strive for when it comes to sex Tinder.Plus outdoor/ adventure photos are a great way to show your taste. Women love men with a clear and toned body, but what they don’t like is when you unwittingly try to put your body in the foreground.If you publish a bunch of selfies from the gym where you just show off your abs, most women who find your profile won’t want to fool you correctly. But if you post pictures with your muscular hands visible in all their glory (like during mountaineering), you’ll be immediately grabbed by other ladies who will know what to do with.Well, of course you know!The pictures you enjoy the holiday with your friends and family (ideally Christmas and/or Easter) are also the pictures you want to take. The pictures show that you have social life and friends and that you’re not some creepy recluse pretending to be a guy you can date. The addition of a photo where you watch and/or do something funny is also a great move, because everyone loves guys who can make them laugh!How many times did you hear women in a bar or a park talking to their friends and always mention how funny the guy they went out with was? I’m not kidding, humor can make you go a long way!Plus a few extra quick pointers:Pictures in suits are awesome, but in a leather jacket you’ll find a couple of pictures to lift the masculinity factorDark clothes for “tall, dark and mysterious sensations”Show your tattoos (but in a cool way; don’t forget about the pictures!). Which should be avoided when choosing photosGrained photos – when choosing photos make sure that they are clean, good quality and light. Grainy, dark photos are always a bad choice unless something super good happens in them, but even at best they are passable;Don’t choose selfish as your first photo! – I already mentioned that selfies are a bad choice, especially as a first peak. Often they can send the wrong message, and you look like the diligent guy you are, not the cold guy you are. Let your photos be as spontaneous as possible!Cover your face – It’s MORE NO! You want your face to be clearly visible. You may look like a total asshole on your bike, but women look at your profile not to see your bike, but to see you. No helmets, masks or big dark glasses – don’t hide your face!Don’t take group photos – it’s okay to have a group photo – but only if it’s just one photo and there aren’t many people there. Make sure that you are the main focus of the photo so that it is not distracted by all the background noise!Let’s see what else we can do to increase your chances of having sex with Tinder!3. TinderOk, the photo album part is almost complete. Let’s take a look now to tastefully show that you are looking for sex on the Tinder.The Tinder biography is, well, a place where you can write some details about yourself. There is not enough space, so you will not need to write much, but quality.Written correctly Tinder bio can add a huge amount of points to your Hot Scale of any girl, so here’s what you need to do to make a perfect Tinder bio:Short and to the point – When you’re in Tinder, ladies are too busy looking for a guy who will look as interesting and intriguing as his pictures alone. They don’t have the time or patience to write your epic biography novel, which is twice as good for the prettiest girls. Keep it up, be simple – quality above quantity, remember?Be unique – in Tinder there are about two or three times more men than women, which means that your competition is fierce. Avoid common and cliché lines and go for something more original. Get her attention! Make her want to know you! Make her feel – This part is super important. Grabing her attention is great, but making her experience real emotions is amazing! If you can make her feel not only curiosity about you, but also your skills in bed, you’re basically tuned in!Try typing everything you want to write in your biography, about three or four sentences at the top.Write your biography in a way that more or less matches the tone of your photo album and your original writing style/language.This should attract your friend’s attention quite easily. The emotional part I was talking about is a little bit more complicated.When you are looking for emotion, you need to adapt your biography so that it intrigues her and arouses interest.This means that your biography should not only be the same, but also charming, playful and of course seductive. You are here to seduce, of course!There is no fixed way to do this. Experiment with different bio styles, and see what happens. Not all women are attracted to the same things, and not all of them will find your biography interesting, but the freedom-loving girls you target will definitely find it!I strongly recommend not to be too straightforward! This not only contradicts my advice, but also shows that you are too needy and difficult to deal with, and women do their best to avoid this kind of guys. Please give me an example of a bioideal guy who is looking for sex with Tinder date.”Once I saw a toaster on the side of the road with a note attached, which did not describe me perfectly: TAKE ME. I’M KINDA BROKEN, BUT YOU CAN FIX ME.”View: it’s ironic and kind of self-roasting, gives a hint of a romantic film cliché about women “fixing” the interest of the bad guy/love, and it’s generally funny, playful and sexy.And it’s all in just three sentences!That’s another cool:”If a serial killer threatened to kill me, if I don’t do a spot parallel parking, I’ll be fine. But if he threatened to torture me if I didn’t name at least 5 songs that came out after I finished school, I’ll be fine”:It’s ironic, with a touch of self-abuse humor. Use these two songs and adapt them as you wish, or create your own in the same way. Don’t forget to follow the instructions!4. Choose the right OpenerYour photo and biography have done what they were meant to do, and now you fit a pretty girl! They seem really interesting from her photos and you are sure that you have a good chance of success.But before you get lost in your fantasies and miss this opportunity, you have to remember that now is the time to get busy! After This is the part where you need to show your creativity, clarify your intentions and get even more attention. Women often do this too, but remember what the text used to say about trust? That’s how you show it. We need to make some effort. Your match should feel that you are involved in the conversation and know how to conduct it correctly. Laziness will not lead you anywhere, and quickly.Pranks, gifts, irony and sarcasm should be your weapon of choice. In addition, for God’s sake, do not use can openers and other cliches unless you are ironic enough. As I said before, there are many more men than women in the Tinder, and there is a chance that she will see them all. Read her biography, look closely at her photos and use it all to make your can openers as effective as possible! Not only will they laugh at her but they will see that you really took a minute to read more about her. You invested, so it will be too much. This is how you show some reliability right here. Note the conversation topics Congratulations! You broke the ice! Once the contact has been established, you must keep it for some time. Contact sexy, subtly passionate, but not explicit or demanding. You want her to think you’re a terrific lover, not a random pervert. And the more you spark her curiosity and inspire her imagination, the more open to the idea of Tinder hookup she will be.All costs avoid talking about school, work, deep talk about your trials and tribulations, or simple random chatting. Your goal is to seduce her and give her a night (or several nights) of life, rather than tiring her to death. 5. The art of seductionSeduction is both an art and a skill to master, and it takes time, effort and experience.No there is a fixed, one hundred percent effective way to seduce, but there is one tip I can share with you: be playful when it comes to the emotions of your dating, but NOT REAL! To be a good seducer (and when I say seduction, I mean it by mutual agreement!), you need experience. Improvise, adapt, overcome!Example, you’re communicating with a nice girl, and she asks you this rather general question:”What did you do today?You can immediately answer it: “I went to pizza with a friend”, but this answer is so boring. She will not be emotionally busy, barely interested. Check out her soulful stories! Make her feel! “Oh, I barely survived a lunch date with a friend. We decided to live dangerously and ordered super-hot chili at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Two excruciating hours of fire breathing and regretting our life choices afterwards, we came back the next day. It was amazing! This story is ridiculous, but it evokes interesting images, it is full of irony and self-abuseful humor, and will surely cause some smell! Don’t be afraid to exaggerate from time to time! She will know that you embellish the truth, but if you do everything right, she will love this story!If the conversation looks like it’s about to hit the wall, do not be afraid – it’s easy to fix!Roleplay is a great way to light a conversation, and there are so many ways to make it go smoothly or horribly (the best way). Look at this example:”I have an idea! Let’s do a jewelry heist! I’ll take my robber kit, you take your hottest dress. You distract the owner while I broke in and stole his biggest diamond. Be prepared to swap places in case the owner of the jewelry prefers men, because I also pack my suit!”That’s funny, makes her get emotionally engaged, and has a subtle sexual note that she definitely won’t miss!6. Make your intentions clear!Mention earlier, sending the right message and honesty is the key to the amazing sexy Tinder date you’ve been dreaming of. You may be the same, but be careful not to point it in the wrong direction! Don’t be blunt, but let her know that you plan to have a good time, both during a potential Tinder sex chat and especially in real life. Try to make her guess whether you will ask her out on a sex date or not. Smooth and polite, my friends, smooth and polite! Want to know how to keep the tension to the right moment? This is a simple game for your chat with your match. You have already used it in some situations, so you should be familiar with its mechanics. This game is called “Would You Like”.”Would You Like” is a very versatile game. If you have never played it, a person asks a question with a dilemma, and others respond accordingly, carefully weighing their choices. Use this game to spice up sexual and sensual questions! Those are a few examples:Do not necessarily use these questions. You can always come up with something of your own on the fly. This is a simple but effective game that will definitely get your attention! 7. Tinder Sex Date: What to do and what not to doYour photo album is perfect, your game with text to the point, and if you followed our advice correctly, you have a sex date. Tinder style date and sex go well together, as you will see! But how should a Tinder style date and sex go, you ask?Typically when choosing a place to date, your first thought is either a dinner for two or a romantic movie. That’s not true.In the case of dinner, your date will at best be confused and pressed the worst.Baffled because you signaled her that you’re looking for a passing hobby, but here you are, get out of your way to organize a romantic date. She’ll ask herself what you really want, what she should do in this situation, and will most likely decide to go home right after dinner. What is the right, neutral place to get in touch with Tinder? One place you always go for the last time is your own bedroom! Getting her into your room is not an easy task, but here is your strategy.Ask her to meet you at your local store, buy some food ingredients and drinks together, cook, make these amazing cocktails, and then proceed to a joint inspection of your bed!That’s how to do a Tinder date, but here are some caveats just in case:Ramantics is amazing, but don’t push it; you want her to feel special, but don’t fall in love with you! Random sex may be normal, but some girls won’t let you hold hands because they will perceive it as “treating a boyfriend” Convincing and respectful of your boyfriend! Use protection, be a gentleman and send a nice text the next day!Final Words And here it is! Now that you, as a true gentleman, know how to ask for sex on the Tinder, and know how to use the Tinder for sex, here are a few final thoughts before going into the uncharted waters of the Tinder! Words is your main tool on the Tinder, and choosing the right words will make you almost irresistible. To reinforce your image of a “strong and confident man”, do not use too many smileys. Girls will think you are not as serious and reliable as they want you to be, which means there will be no interceptions for you! Athe other way to do this is not to use words and expressions that denote insecurity and uncertainty. Can’t be – be absolutely sure what you’re saying!What do you think is best:Would you, Idk, like to go out for a drink with me? If you don’t mind.Or:Come for a drink! What do you prefer, beer or cocktails? The first sentence exudes uncertainty. With this in mind, no lady will accept your invitation unless she likes you very, very much. The second sentence, however, not only shows that you are sure that she likes you, you are already starting the initial preparation for the date and offering her some interesting options. This is not a smiley face, and there is absolutely no sign that you are afraid that she will say no!This is the initiative and attitude that you need: aggressive, but respectful!Showing respect, I must turn to another important question. The best – the most important, that is – is always the last one, right?This and words of wisdom will significantly increase your chances of intercepting the Tinder, but that doesn’t mean you have permission to abuse it!But according to the words said earlier in the text, you have absolutely no right to play with the feelings of your companion. Don’t deceive her to develop feelings for you if you don’t want a relationship. And everything, treat dating as a person, not as a set of guidelines you can play with! Same reason as you: to have fun and enjoy new experiences, do not be frankly objectified and reduced to another trophy, so you can show off your friends.Don’t play with the good guy and don’t be a predator! Women, unfortunately, have gained quite a lot of experience with these guys, and you do not want to be remembered as sex hungry A-hole!Inclusion Share all these tips with your heart, my friends, and good luck on your future conquering adventures! Have fun and make sure that your shots like your company too!

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