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It’s time for you to dive into the amazing world of online dating together with SecretBenefits. What is special about this online dating site? What can you count on when signing for a membership there? Let us get all this straightened out in this SecretBenefits review.

SecretBenefits is a website that is originally catering to the needs of both men and women seeking “Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby” arrangements. What does it mean? The Sugar Daddy means a generous sponsor in relationships, while a younger woman guarantees a great time spent together. Those who are searching for this type of relationship come to register on the SecretBenefits dating platform, where straightforward services facilitate such matches. Interested in knowing more about the site? Keep reading this not to miss out a single exciting offer.

The site claims to host millions of rich, generous, and mature men like attractive women striving to find each other. Unlike other sites, where users may have hidden intentions, everything is honest and clear here. There is no stigma around Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy relationships, which encourages a dating community. Therefore, all the stories started on the site are honest. Regardless of the fact that there are some material values involved in this type of relationship, finding true love is still possible on SecretBenefits.

Are all these true claims? Is SecretBenefits a good dating site, or is there anything to be aware of? We took a closer look at SecretBenefits and are ready to share all the truth about SecretBenefits with you further in this post.

Pros /Cons:


  • Easy and fast registration;
  • Free signup;
  • No monthly fee;
  • Smart user search algorithms;
  • Millions of registered women of any age;
  • Clear intentions of all users;
  • The possibility of dating young and pretty girls.


  • Premium site features are available after you make a payment;
  • Some of the site users may be not serious.

What Is

The site positions itself as a dating platform for those looking for one-date relationships. What does it mean? If you are a young lady searching for an adult and well-established man ready to invest in the relationship with you, then the SecretBenefits dating site is a perfect match for you. The same refers to old men who are seeking romantic stories with young and sexy girls. They will have what to do and will find thousands of young ladies ready to take care of them.

Although such an online dating approach may seem unserious or silly, SecretBenefits doesn’t exclude the chance to meet your love on the site. When spending time with like-minded people, you can find the one to hit you from first sight. A lot of serious and long-lasting stories started from the SecretBenefits dating site. So it all depends on what/ who you are searching for. at a Glance

  • Best for: singles looking for Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby relationships
  • Number of members: millions
  • Recommended age: 18-70
  • Favorite features: premium chat features; smart user search solution.

How Does SecretBenefits Work?

Everything starts with you creating an account on SecretBenefits. At the very first signup step, you will be asked to provide the following information about yourself:

  • Email;
  • Password;
  • User name;
  • Location;
  • Age;
  • Body type;
  • Etnithity.

Once you are done with these, the system will offer you to join the community. After you accept the membership, you can either fill out your profile with detailed information about yourself or move further and start chatting with the hotties. Although the system doesn’t put any restrictions on the profile quality, we still recommend you to send a couple of minutes of your time and make sure that your personal page is not empty. Already done it? Good news – you are ready for “hunting!”


How to run an on-site search? What are the available options? And which one has proven to be the most effective? With EliteSingles, you have a couple of options on how to search for singles.

  • You manually scroll through the list of registrants and check every profile of your liking. As a rule, this is the most time-consuming approach since there are millions of users on EliteSingles;
  • You use a built-in EliteSingles free search feature. The solution works in the following way: you specify the search criteria and run the search by simply clicking the “search” button. It takes no more than 2 minutes for the system to scan and analyze all the profiles. As a result, you get a list of single ladies that comply with your search metadata;
  • The system monitors the profiles you visit, like, and add to favorites. Based on these data, it provides you with regular “love-love” suggestions.

To keep all the user profiles under control and not to miss out a single pretty lady, you can follow all the three about approaches. In such a way, you will never miss your golden fish.


The registration process on SecretBenefits will not take too much time of yours. You will need to do the following in order to create a profile in the system, activate it, and fill out with all the required data.

  • Step 1 – create an acc. Provide basic information about yourself. Your full name, email, gender, birth date, and password will be enough to make it fly;
  • Step 2 – add details to your personal page on SecretBenefits. There are no limits to what you can write here. A good approach would be to write a few sentences about your hobbies, interests, and goals. It would be a good idea to explain who you are looking at the site and what you expect from the relationships.
  • Step 3 – understand the search criteria. It would be a good idea to write down the search criteria for your girlfriends. These can be age, height, weight, skin color, etc.

Profile Quality

You will not be disappointed with the profile quality of SecretBenefits. Platform users share as much information about themselves as possible. Apart from the interests and hobbies explained, you will also see how a person looks. Lots of all user profiles contain real photos, which is a good thing to mention in this review on SecretBenefits dating site.

Safety & Security

If you know what SSL data encryption is, then you will be happy to know that it is in place on SecretBenefits. Thus, you can rest assured about all the info you submit on the site, whether it is the sensitive information, erotic photos, or banking account credentials.

Help & Support

Forget about waiting hours or even days for a reply. With SecretBenefitss, you can count on professionals and a fast reply from company representatives as well as immediate issue resolution. On top of this, you can also access their FAQ section and find an answer there. If not, feel free to send them a message in a live chat.


If you are not ready to pay money and purchase a subscription, SecretBenefits can provide you with free basic access. Of course, premium site features will be unavailable. But it will be still enough for browsing the site, finding interesting profiles, and chatting with women.


Is SecretBenefits Safe?

With the 28-bit SSL data encryption technology in mind and responsible approach of the site administration, we can confidently confirm that the site is absolutely safe. And many SecretBenefits reviews prove that. Apart from the above, they keep an eye on suspicious user behaviors to make sure there are not scam on site.

Is SecretBenefits a Good Dating Site?

It definitely is. SecretBenefits is an international dating platform designed not only for the US people regardless of their marital status, age, interests, or sexual preferences. Black, Asian, or white; divorced, gay, or single-parent – all can find their perfect match on this site. If you are not searching for love, SecretBenefits will help you find a match as well. At least, this is what SecretBenefits dating site reviews say.

How Many Members Does Have?

When writing this review, there are millions of active site users; they are all of different age. However, it is impossible to predict how many site users will be tomorrow – their number keeps growing all the time. However, this tendency of customer base growing is a good sign. Is SecretBenefits any good. The statistics show that it is.

Is SingleBenefits Worth It?

We are more than sure about it. Having checked lots of customer reviews and having tested out the platform ourselves, we can confidently say that SecretBenefits is a good dating site, where the site administration takes special care of every customer and is open for improvement.

How to Use

It is just elementary, easy, safe, and fast. You just need to create an account, add important information about yourself, confirm your actions – and voila – you are open for love and searches.

Is Free?

You can count on free site access; however, it is rather limited. For example, you will not be able to make video calls or use advanced communication tools. If you need these, be ready to purchase a subscription. However, according to EliteSingles dating reviews, service quality costs this money.

Can I Use Anonymously?

As we have mentioned in our review on EliteSingles dating site, you can be sure that you are using the site anonymously. With data encryption technology, no one will reveal your identity.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

Everything is easy. It is far from being rocket science. You just need to click the delete button and approve your actions through either email or phone. The same refers to account activation – you confirm your intentions.

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