scandinavia woman

scandinavia woman

Who are Scandinavians?

In short, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark are all Nordic countries with Scandinavian roots, but typically, you will only find Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish people referring to themselves as Scandinavian.

Why do Scandinavians have blue eyes?

Blue eyes, blonde hair One consequence of the two groups mixing was a surprisingly large number of genetic variants in Scandinavian hunter gatherers. These groups were genetically more diverse than the groups that lived in central, western and southern Europe at the same time.

How do you know if you have Viking DNA?

And experts say surnames can give you an indication of a possible Viking heritage in your family, with anything ending in ‘son’ or ‘sen’ likely to be a sign. Other surnames which could signal a Viking family history include ‘Roger/s’ and ‘Rogerson’ and ‘Rendall’.

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Scandinavian woman Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

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What About Women in the Workplace in Scandinavia?

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