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Read this PlentyOfFish review if you have achieved a lot in this life. You have everything that others can only dream of: a luxury home, a new car, a position in a large company. Also, you are constantly surrounded by friends, and you often travel. For many, you are an object of envy and delight. But only a few know your problems and mental anguish.

This is loneliness, and this factor is very difficult to overcome. In your youth, you met a beautiful girl who refused marriage and broke your heart. All these years, you had only a fleeting relationship that did not bring real emotional closeness. Someone only wanted expensive gifts from you, someone did not fit according to beliefs and life values, and someone doesn`t match with you by a character.

At some point, you began to suspect that you would never be able to find a suitable girl. But every year the fear of loneliness is becoming more serious. Long evenings in an empty house and holidays without loved ones seem simply unbearable. You want a loving heart to be nearby, which will support you in difficult times and rejoice with you in moments of success.

It’s time to meet true love. And an intelligent person will always make the right choice, saving his time and making the search effective. PlentyOfFish is a quality dating service offering the best services. The great choice is site plenty of fish review of which is presented in this article.

About PlentyOfFish

Plenty Of Fish Review Website – Pros & Cons

Each PlentyOfFish service has features, pros, and cons. Based on their analysis, a person decides whether to become a client of PlentyOfFish agency.


If we are talking about POF, then there are a lot of advantages:


PlentyOfFish service works legally almost all over the world, so you can find the perfect partner anywhere, anytime. There are several million PlentyOfFish profiles in the database, so you are sure to find an excellent option;

Ease of Use

It only takes a few minutes to register for a new PlentyOfFish account. After that, the client has all the features of the service;

Matching Algorithm

PlentyOfFish agency uses the most advanced pair search algorithms. There are several tests on the character of the personality, which allow us to establish compatibility with other PlentyOfFish participants;

Serious Intentions

According to statistics, over the fifteen years, PlentyOfFish agency has helped thousands of couples find happiness. Many users are focused specifically on serious relationships, a strong family and children. Therefore, to find the love of all life on PlentyOfFish is very likely;

Free Features

If you wish and patience, you can find the girl of your dreams without spending a cent. Search, messaging, the appointment of personal meetings on PlentyOfFish are absolutely free;

VIP Account

You can help the PlentyOfFish service and make your search more effective by purchasing a VIP. After that, PlentyOfFish profile will rise to higher positions in the search, and the client will be able to use additional features;


PlentyOfFish company cooperates with popular payment systems, so replenishing a deposit is very simple. There are several PlentyOfFish options – a monthly subscription, for a season and eight months. The cost for 30 days decreases with an increase in the membership period;


POF dating site reviews from real users note that the security service is operational and ready to help around the clock. And all the important data on PlentyOfFish is reliably protected from hacking so that the fraudster will not be able to steal it;

Nice Conversation

PlentyOfFish site has many opportunities for communicating with your favorite partner. Available exchange of posts, recording audio messages, sending photos and quotes. Sympathy can be expressed by winking or immediately offering the user date.


Lack of Video Chat

Unfortunately, you will not be able to establish video contact with the girl you like on PlentyOfFish. However, this is another reason to make a real date;

No Users Verification

Quantity does not always mean quality. Millions of PlentyOfFish profiles cannot be checked for real data. Therefore, you may not communicate with the person you have chosen;

In Some Countries, Registration Is Prohibited

However, this does not apply to America and Europe;

Problems with Navigation

Some users complain about the congestion of PlentyOfFish service and not always clear navigation.

What Is

Today PlentyOfFish site is one of the most popular dating services in the world. The path to success began in 2003 when a small PlentyOfFish company decided to help people find a soul mate. Today PlentyOfFish is a huge platform with millions of profiles, and tens of millions of messages every day.

Over the past years, POF has released various updates to improve the user experience and remain among the segment leaders. Thanks to the work of PlentyOfFish, tens of thousands of couples have found their happiness. On the Internet, you can read plenty of fish reviews from real users who praise the site for its careful attitude to customers and the quality of the services provided. They note:

  • A large database of profiles;
  • Convenient PlentyOfFish mobile application;
  • Many PlentyOfFish services are provided free of charge;
  • Convenient ways of communication;
  • PlentyOfFish service is legit;
  • Profiles with detailed information about users;
  • VIP PlentyOfFish account with affordable prices.

An extremely popular is a PlentyOfFish mobile application that allows you to communicate away from the computer. Thanks to good optimization, it ensures stable operation even in conditions of poor Internet connection. Recently, POF applications for iOS and Android have been redesigned to be easy to use and have a more modern design. They became more convenient and got an intuitive interface. Besides, a new Spark feature was launched, allowing users to quote any part of the member profile. By the way, this feature increased the number of conversations by 15%. Therefore, communication on PlentyOfFish site is more pleasant and diverse than that of competitors.

According to statistics, 60% of men and 40% of women are registered on PlentyOfFish site, and the main age of users is 25-34 years. Moreover, PlentyOfFish service provides a large number of services free. Therefore, you can start searching for the ideal partner now, and the risk of becoming a victim of an attacker will be minimal on PlentyOfFish.

How To Get Started on POF?

So, the decision to say goodbye to loneliness has been made. An analysis of available dating sites that help singles people has already been done. POF won the competition due to a large number of positive qualities. Now you need to take the next step.

Need to be reminded in review on plenty of fish dating site on how to become a company client. To do this, visit the official website of PlentyOfFish company. PlentyOfFish service greets you with a page with pleasant colors. Thanks to a successful design solution, the eyes do not get tired. Even after long hours of chatting online with selected ladies, you will feel fresh and rested.

In the upper corner of the PlentyOfFish page is the Sign-Up button. After clicking it, a window will open where you will need to fill in all the columns. PlentyOfFish service needs to know your login, email address, gender, date of birth, country of residence and type of appearance. You will also need to come up with a password to log into your PlentyOfFish account and agree to the rules for using the service. Congratulations, now you are a new client of PlentyOfFish agency and can use all the advantages of the site.

At PlentyOfFish service is a large database of profiles, convenient ways to communicate with selected girlfriends, a section with tips from experienced users. Together with POF, finding the perfect partner becomes easy and enjoyable.

Additional POF Amenities

In case of questions is pof a good dating site or difficult situations, you can always contact the support team. Qualified PlentyOfFish staff is available around the clock, and there is an email for communication. The client on PlentyOfFishcan write a letter with a question of interest and get a competent answer. Representatives of PlentyOfFish speak several languages ​​(including English, French, Indian, etc.), so there will be no language barrier.

We also recommend asking them, is plenty of fish safe? The answer is yes because an experienced PlentyOfFish dating agency has international licenses that make their work completely legit. The client on PlentyOfFish may not be afraid that the attacker will learn his data or transaction details – all information is protected by the 128-bit SSL 3.0 protocol. And in case of difficulties, you can always go to court to receive compensation.

How Does Plenty of Fish Work?

We continue the pof dating site review and tell secrets about how the service works. The search function on PlentyOfFish is available only to registered users. PlentyOfFish company client presses a button and looks at what matches the service will give. But for the result to be as effective as possible, you need to help and fill out the profile.

The function is available in your account. Many questions will need to be answered, and this will take time. Some customers neglect this but in vain. You will spend only ten minutes on the answers, but this will help the search to select the best options. Accordingly, you will save hours spend viewing unnecessary profiles.

You can answer the questions, do you have a car, what drinks do you prefer and how do you feel about bad habits. Also, you can specify the religion, city of residence, body type and even write character traits. Remember, it is important to provide true information. After all, we choose not only us, but also us. What is the use of dating nice women if it starts with a lie? Such a relationship will not last long.

Plenty of Basic Search

POF free search is available for all registered users. The client of PlentyOfFish indicates the necessary information about himself and the partner he is looking for, and the modern program selects the best matches. In just a few seconds, you can study the entire list and choose the best options. The more PlentyOfFish filters are configured and the answers to questions, the better the program works.

According to statistics, PlentyOfFish agency has millions of active users, so be sure that you will be offered the perfect options. This is convenient, because before you will be a list with a brief description, which contains basic information (name of girls, age, life values, etc.). This data will help you choose the best pair.

Once you have made your choice, you can start a conversation on PlentyOfFish. And it is worth saying that plenty of fish is any good in this way. The service offers a huge number of communication methods, most of which are available for free. Users of PlentyOfFish can exchange text posts, exchange sound messages, etc. Conveniently, the text can be quoted, and a copy of the conversation is stored for a month. Moreover, PlentyOfFish site blocks ads and spam, leaving only important messages.

Plenty of Advanced Search

Most PlentyOfFish site features are free, but the agency offers customers a VIP account. If you are interested in the question, is plenty of fish worth it, then the answer is yes. The “pumped” profile has its advantages. For instance:

  • Improved “visibility” of the questionnaire. This allows you to more effectively “compete” with other PlentyOfFish participants. According to statistics, users rarely go beyond the third page of the search. VIP accounts have priority, so the client will see your profile earlier;
  • Additional information. Now you can watch which of your type girls has recently registered on the site, view answers to questions in the profile, send videos and record larger audio;
  • “Chemistry” or a perfect match. If a PlentyOfFish client filled out the questionnaire completely and answered 100 questions, then a match of 80+ parameters is ideal. Do not miss your chance, maybe this is the girl of your dreams;
  • Send priority messages. Popular ladies receive dozens of messages per day on PlentyOfFish. And they do not always pay attention to each of them. VIP-user can send a message with priority, which the woman must read. There is also a “Meet me” function that allows you to invite a partner for a date;
  • Invisibility. If you want to remain incognito on PlentyOfFish, then you can activate the corresponding item. Now you can appear on the site and chat with selected girls, but other users will not see how long you have been on the site.

Well, it is plenty of fish worth it. PlentyOfFish agency helps to find the perfect match, using advanced PlentyOfFish search algorithms and choosing from a huge database of profiles. And for convenience, it is recommended to purchase a VIP-account, fill out a form and configure PlentyOfFish search filters. After that, the path to an ideal relationship and a strong family will be surprisingly enjoyable.

Plenty of Rates

An important point of plenty of fish dating reviews from real users is the reliable protection of customer data and the convenience of making a deposit. The security service on PlentyOfFish controls all processes, and personal data is protected thanks to the SSL 3.0 protocol. Suspicious accounts are quickly tracked and blocked by PlentyOfFish, and fraudsters will not be able to steal money from the user’s accounts.

Moreover, many PlentyOfFish features are available for free and this is not a scam. You can register at PlentyOfFish, fill out a profile, do a search and start communication without spending money on it. But if you want to make the result as effective as possible, it makes sense to connect a VIP-account. This is convenient because POF works with popular payment systems. You can replenish your deposit using bank cards (Visa, Cirrus, Maestro, MasterCard) or electronic wallets (Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, etc.).

You just need to enter your PlentyOfFish account, click on the “payment” button, and specify the amount and type of transaction. The minimum PlentyOfFish subscription period is one month and costs $ 19.99. The price of a month differs depending on the duration of the membership. The most advantageous offer is a one-year subscription (6.99% per 30 days).

DurationСost per monthTotal price
30 days19.99$19.99$
60 days18.59$37.18$
120 days13.39$53.56$
240 days10.68$85.44$

Plenty of Customer Reviews

Veronica, 28 years

“For a long time, I could not build a real and full-fledged relationship with a man. I have very clear views on life and family, and many guys are afraid of this. So I decided to take a serious step and register on a dating site. I read about pof reviews from users and chose this service. I can say that I am very pleased with this – immediately after registering and filling out the questionnaires, the guys began to write. I talked with several for a long time, until I made the final choice. Now I’m already married and I can say thanks to the site for giving me real happiness! ”

Anna, 31 years old

“I want to tell the truth about pof. This is a great site. It was here that I met a wonderful young man. When we first wrote off, it was an instant connection. I was impressed. That day, when I met him, I was going to leave the site. But I’m so glad I didn’t. He treats me like a man should treat a woman, he is amazing!! Soon we will choose a date for our wedding, I am so happy, I can’t even believe it. Thank you, POF for the love of my life! ”


It is worth giving a short recipe on how to find your happiness on PlentyOfFish:

  1. Turn on the computer, pick up a tablet or phone;
  2. Register at Plenty of;
  3. Fill out the PlentyOfFish profile as much as possible (you can purchase a VIP account);
  4. Use the PlentyOfFish search;
  5. Choose the best girl and start communication with her;
  6. Make an appointment and build the perfect relationship.

It remains to draw conclusions and give the PlentyOfFish service an assessment for the quality of work and ease of use. PlentyOfFish site receives a good score for the convenience of registration, a huge database of profiles, excellent search and the ability to communicate for free. Minus – the lack of mandatory verification and the lack of video chat. The final score is 8.8 / 10. Meet, enjoy chatting and become happy thanks to Plenty of

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