japanese for girls

japanese for girls

What Japanese name means beautiful?

Most Popular Japanese Girl NamesNameMeaningMisatoMisato is popular Japanese which means “beautiful” or “beautiful knowledge” or “beautiful village”.MiyuMiyu can mean both “beautiful moon” or “beautiful connection” and “beautiful kindness”.MoeThis innocent Japanese name, Moe refers to feelings of affection.•Apr 20, 2020

What Japanese girl name means cute?

Beautiful Japanese Baby NamesAika – This cute girls’ name means “love song”.Aimi – Japanese name meaning “love, beauty”.Aina – Japanese name meaning “beautiful eyed woman”.Akemi – This Japanese name means “bright beautiful”.Anzu – Japanese name meaning “sweet child”.Asami – Japanese name meaning “morning beauty”.

Is Akira a girl name?

Akira is a gender-neutral name of Japanese origin. This name has grown in popularity throughout the US in the 21st century and is sometimes used as a variation of “Kira”.

Is Kazuya a girl name?

Kazuya (かずや, カズヤ) is a masculine Japanese given name.

What is the meaning of Aiko?

little loved one
Meaning:little loved one. The lovely Japanese name Aiko has the special meaning of “little loved one.” This charming name is a popular Japanese name, perfect for celebrating baby’s heritage!

Is Rei a name?

Rei as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Rei), is pronounced RAY-ee. It is of Japanese origin, and the meaning of Rei is “law, rule; strive”.

What does Kira mean Japanese?

In Japanese, Kira means: Killer.

Is Kira a unisex name?

Kira is a mostly feminine name of multiple origins and meanings. The feminine form is pronounced /ˈkɪərə/ KEER-ə or /ˈkiːrə/ KEE-rə.

What is a cute name in Japanese?

Popular Baby Names , origin japaneseNameMeaningOriginAikobeloved one, little loveJapaneseAimilove beautyJapaneseAiyabeautiful silkJapaneseAkakoredJapanese

What is London’s nickname?

The Big Smoke
Nicknames for London Probably the most famous is The Big Smoke, The Old Smoke, or simply The Smoke. These names refer to the dense fogs and smogs that would permeate the city from ancient times.

What Japanese names mean fire?

Choose one of the numerous Japanese names that mean fire.Hinote (Japanese origin) means “fire or blast”. … Hijiri (Japanese origin) means “fire”. … Homura (Japanese origin) means “blast or a flame.”Kaen (Japanese origin) means “fire” or “blast”.Kaji (Japanese origin) means “blaze”.Kaki (Japanese origin) means “fire”.

What does the name Kazuma mean?

Peace, harmony
Origin:Japanese. Meaning:Peace, harmony. Kazuma is a girl’s name of Japanese origin. Meaning “peace” and “harmony”, this name will remind baby of the priorities to keep each and every day.

Is Akio a Girl name?

Akio is a boy’s name of Japanese origin.

Can Aiko be a Girl name?

Aiko (あいこ, アイコ) is a female Japanese given name. Aikō (愛甲) is a Japanese surname, also romanized as Aikoh or Aiko. Aiko or Ayko is also a traditional male given name in Scandinavia and especially northern Germany. In Germany it is considered one of the old “gentry names”.

What does the name Reiko mean?

beautiful or lovely child
Meaning:beautiful or lovely child. Reiko as a girl’s name is of Japanese origin meaning “beautiful or lovely child”.

Is Kiran a Japanese name?

There is also a Japanese name, romanized as Kira, which is common in Japan, as both given name and family name (e.g. the Kira clan of Mikawa province). Kira kira also means “glittery, shiny” in Japanese….Kira (given name)OriginRelated namesAkira, Ciara, Cyrus, Kaira, Keira, Kiera, Kiran, Kyra

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