japan bridal

japan bridal

What do brides wear in Japan?

Japanese wedding kimono
At a traditional Japanese wedding, the bride and groom usually wear Japanese wedding kimono. The bride wears a white wedding kimono called “uchikake” with a white headdress. The headdress is big and bulky and is said to hide the bride’s “horns” as a symbol of submission.

How much is a wedding dress in Japan?

Average Wedding in Japan Costs $31,000, Has 72 Guests.

Why are Japanese wedding dresses red?

The iro-uchikake is most often bright red but may also be gold or more modern colors such as deep purple or turquoise. The garment often features beautiful designs consisting of cherry blossoms, cranes, or other Japanese motifs. The symbols chosen often are meant for the purpose of bringing good luck or fortune.

What is a Hikifurisode?

Hikifurisode. Furisode is a type of long-sleeved kimono that unmarried women wear. It is considered the highest level of kimono. Hikifurisode are also called “ohikizuri”, meaning pulling up the sleeves. They were used as ceremonial attire for samurai women.

Who pays for wedding Japan?

When it comes to footing the bill for the wedding ceremony and reception, it is generally the bride’s family that pays in America while in Japan the cost is split between the families of the bride and groom.

What is a furisode in Japan?

The furisode is a kimono for young women with long sleeves that hang down to the ankles or calves. Worn on formal occasions such as weddings and Coming-of-Age Day (a national holiday in January), they typically come in gorgeous colors and decorative patterns.

What do long sleeves on a kimono mean?

It became popular for unmarried women to imitate the dancers when expressing their feelings to men, which is the reason that the furisode became a kimono for unmarried young women. Additionally, the long sleeves are thought to ward off evil and bring in good luck and relationships.

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