indonesian adult

indonesian adult

How many adult in Indonesia?

Number of adults in Indonesia from 2011 to 2020 (in millions)CharacteristicNumber of adults in millions2018170.222017167.562016164.992015163.73•Mar 9, 2022

What is the average age in Indonesia?

29.7 years
The median age in Indonesia is 29.7 years.

How densely populated is Indonesia?

about 142.57 people per square kilometer
In 2018, the population density in Indonesia was at about 142.57 people per square kilometer.

How much kids are in Indonesia?

This statistic shows the share of the child population in the total population of Indonesia from 2011 to 2020. In 2020, approximately 26 percent of the population of Indonesia were children.

How many teenagers are in Indonesia?

With 68 million youths aged 10 to 24 years, Indonesia currently has one of the largest youth populations in the world at 28 percent of its 260 million population. The figure also comprises approximately 45.8 million adolescents aged 10-19 years, or 13.3 percent of the national population.

Is Indonesia the 4th largest population in the world?

With about 270 million people, Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populous country and the most populous Muslim-majority country. Java, the world’s most populous island, is home to more than half of the country’s population.

Is Indonesia overpopulated?

Country’s population has topped 270M, over 56% living on Java Island, according to 2020 census results. Indonesia’s population increased by 32.56 million over the past decade, the country’s statistics authority has announced.

Is Indonesia a developed country?

As a middle income country & member of the G20, Indonesia is classified as a newly industrialized country. It is the 15th largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and the 7th largest in terms of GDP (PPP)….Economy of Indonesia.StatisticsInflation (CPI)1.87% (2021)

How many children do not go to school in Indonesia?

Children in Indonesia stand a better chance of being in school than ever before. Yet around 4.4 million children and adolescents aged 7–18 years are still out of school.

What is wrong with Indonesia’s education system?

Common quality problems include inadequate management structures, funding, facilities, and teaching materials, as well as lackluster research output. Poorly trained university instructors are another issue of concern. More than a third of Indonesian lecturers hold only a bachelor’s degree or less.

Is Indonesia richer than India?

With a nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of $2.6 trillion, India is a significantly bigger economy than Indonesia ($1.01 trillion). It is also more populated than Indonesia and was a late-bloomer on economic reforms among Asian countries.

Is Indonesia a 3rd world country?

“Third World” lost its political root and came to refer to economically poor and non-industrialized countries, as well as newly industrialized countries….Third World Countries 2022.CountryHuman Development Index2022 PopulationVietnam0.69498,953,541Indonesia0.694279,134,505Egypt0.696106,156,692South Africa0.69960,756,135

Is Jakarta sinking?

Jakarta itself is home to about 10 million people and three times that number in the greater metropolitan area. It has been described as the world’s most rapidly sinking city, and at the current rate, it is estimated that one-third of the city could be submerged by 2050.

Why is Indonesia education so low?

Most analyses have attributed these problems to inadequate funding, human resource deficits, perverse incentive structures, and poor management. There is no doubt that these factors have mattered. But the country’s problems with education quality have been, at their root, a matter of politics and power.

Is education in Indonesia good?

For primary school enrolment, Indonesia is doing only 85.2% for what is possible at its income level, and 81.3% for secondary school enrolment. This data reveals that Indonesia could be making better use of its income to ensure that education in the country is good.

Where does Indonesia rank in education?

Indonesia’s average ranking across the three subjects is 65th out of 69 countries. Inequality and school performance remain an issue in Indonesia. The percentage of low performers in science among disadvantaged students is among the highest globally.

Is Jakarta a rich city?

Jakarta is the most prosperous region in Indonesia with a total GRDP of Rp760. 27 million per capita which makes Jakarta become the richest city in Indonesia in 2019.

Is Indonesia a US ally?

Indonesia and the United States established diplomatic relations in 1949. Relations are generally strong and close. Both are republics, and each nation reciprocally recognizes the strategic importance of their counterpart.

Will Jakarta be abandoned?

Indonesia’s new capital revealed But authorities say that because Jakarta will remain Indonesia’s economic capital, buildings owned by the central government that have previously been the workplaces of thousands of civil servants would not be empty or abandoned.

Which cities will be underwater by 2050?

There are numerous heavily populated sinking cities like Mumbai, Shanghai, NYC, and Miami at risk. With a population of 10 million, Jakarta is considered by some to be “the fastest-sinking city in the world” and is projected to be “entirely underwater by 2050”.

Is English taught in Indonesian schools?

In higher education, Indonesian is the medium of instruction as well, but English is becoming more common for some programs, and textbooks are commonly printed in English. There have been some plans to make English mandatory at Indonesian universities, but these plans have not been realized as of today.

Is school free in Indonesia?

The Indonesian education system is the fourth largest in the world with more than 50 million students, 3 million teachers, 300,000 schools. Primary to high school level is compulsory. Primary and middle school is free, while in high school, there are small fees.

What’s wrong with Indonesian education?

Children in Indonesia stand a better chance of being in school than ever before. Yet around 4.4 million children and adolescents aged 7–18 years are still out of school. The poorest children, children with disabilities and children living in under-developed parts of the country are most at risk of school exclusion.

What country is #1 in education?

The United States
Top ten countries with the best education systems in the world 2020Top 10 Best Countries for Education1.The United StatesThe United Kingdom2.The United KingdomThe United States3.CanadaCanada4.GermanyGermany

Number of adults in Indonesia 2011-2020 – Statista

Mar 9, 2022 — In 2020, there were just over 180 million adults in Indonesia, accounting for approximately 66 percent of its total population.

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