i said maybe

i said maybe

How much does Wonderwall make per day?

Also interesting: The current “Wonderwall” tally of 660,000-ish daily plays mean it’s generating around $2,650 in recorded music royalties every 24 hours (or around a million dollars a year), good news for its copyright owner, Sony Music. This performance is being fueled internationally.

Why is Wonderwall so popular?

To put it simply, ‘Wonderwall’ is walking talking irony incarnate. The track’s popularity grew because the song was brilliant but such was the ferocity of the popularity, the attachment so many artists made to someone else’s song, that it made the track utterly unlistenable.

What Wonderwall means?

According to Gallagher, “Wonderwall” describes “an imaginary friend who’s gonna come and save you from yourself”. The song was released as the third single from the album in October 1995.

Where did Oasis come from?

Manchester, United KingdomOasis / Origin

Is Wonderwall popular in America?

A quarter-century ago, the British band broke into America with an uncharacteristically sensitive hit. The song remains shockingly popular — even if the guy who wrote it isn’t really a fan.

Does Noel Gallagher own Oasis songs?

Even though Noel wanted to sell the rights to his back catalog too, he will own the whole rights of his musical material in 2025.

What was number one instead of Wonderwall?

I Believe/Up On The Roof
Wonderwall, which both brothers Gallagher have expressed what you might call mild contempt for, was actually beaten to Number 1 by Robson & Jerome’s I Believe/Up On The Roof, which is also a million-seller.

Is Wonderwall the best song ever?

It’s official. Oasis’ get-the-acoustic-guitar-and-the-carling-out anthem ‘Wonderwall’ has been voted the best British song of all time, according to listeners of Radio X. 50,000 votes were cast for the station’s first ever Best of British poll, with Oasis dominating the top four.

Who wrote Wonderwall?

Noel Gallagher

Where does the term Wonderwall come from?

You might wonder what a “wonderwall” is. The word is a reference to one of George’s solo releases: Wonderwall Music. Wonderwall Music was the soundtrack to a film called Wonderwall. Wonderwall is about a Peeping Tom who looks at a woman through holes in her wall — the “wonderwall” of the title.

What age is Noel Gallagher?

54 years (May 29, 1967)Noel Gallagher / Age

Are Noel and Liam Gallagher related to Rory Gallagher?

Is Rory Gallagher related to Noel Gallagher? No. Rory is an Irish Blues and rock guitarist who just happens to share the same surname as the Mancunian brothers.

Who’s richer Noel or Liam Gallagher?

According to The Richest, Liam is worth around $60 million, which is approximately £47.7million. It’s thought that he was previously worth considerably more – at around £50 million – although he was never as wealthy as Noel, the main songwriter in Oasis.

Does Liam pay Noel royalties?

Liam and Noel Gallagher earned a whopping £5.4 million from royalties from Oasis’ back catalogue over the past 12 months. The ‘Supersonic’ group infamously met their demise at their final gig in Paris in 2009, following the estranged siblings’ backstage bust-up.

What kept Strawberry Fields off number 1?

The Beatles’ double A-side ‘Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever’ is often held up as one of the Fab Four’s finest releases, but it was beaten to Number One by Engelbert Humperdinck’s ‘Release Me’.

What keeps Vienna off No 1?

Shaddup You Face
Ultravox’s 1981 hit Vienna has been voted the nation’s favourite number two single. The song topped the poll by BBC Radio 2 and the Official Charts Company to find the greatest track to miss out on the number one spot. Vienna was held off by novelty track Shaddup You Face by Joe Dolce.

Who sang Wonderwall originally?

OasisWonderwall / Artist

Who wrote Champagne Supernova?

Noel GallagherChampagne Supernova / Composer

Who wrote the song Wonderwall?

Noel Gallagher

What is the mood of Wonderwall?

The tone of wonderwall is sad because the singer extends his words at the end of each line or verse, as well as the instruments making a long soft and low sound.

Are the Gallaghers Irish?

Gallagher (Old Irish: Ó Gallchobhair, Ó Gallchobhoir; Modern Irish: Ó Gallachóir) is an Irish Gaelic clan based most prominently in what is today County Donegal. The clan name originated in the 10th century as a derivative of its founder Gallchobhair mac Rorcan.

Which Gallagher brother is nicer?

Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher has claimed he’s the “nicer” of the two Gallagher brothers… because he hasn’t taken legal action against his nearest and dearest.

Was Madchester an Oasis?

Blur famously shared a rivalry throughout the 1990s with fellow Britpop band Oasis, who hailed from Manchester. Bands formed in Manchester during the Madchester era included the Chemical Brothers, The Verve, Sub Sub (who would later become Doves) and Oasis (Noel Gallagher had been a roadie for the Inspiral Carpets).

What was Oasis biggest concert?

The Knebworth Park performance
The Knebworth Park performance in Hertfordshire in June 2022 will be the biggest of Gallagher’s solo career to date, just as the famous concerts were for Oasis when they played to 250,000 people over two nights 25 years ago.

How much are the Gallaghers worth?

Gallagher is probably best known for being the songwriter, lead guitarist, and co-lead vocalist of the band Oasis. Oasis became incredibly popular around the world during the 90s, and it helped Noel amass a considerable fortune….Noel Gallagher Net Worth.Net Worth:$70 MillionNationality:England

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There are many things that I would like to say to you. But I don’t know how [Chorus] I said maybe. You’re gonna be the one that saves me. And after all

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There are many things that I would like to say to you. But I don’t know how. I said maybe. You’re gonna be the one that saves me. And after all

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I said maybe

I said maybe lyrics


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There are many things that I would like to say to you. I don’t know how. I said maybe. You’re gonna be the one who saves me? And after all

Said maybe….., You're gonna be the one that shaves me …


Said maybe….. You’re gonna be the one that shaves me… cause after all. You’re my Barberscall. Artist: Oasis. Song: Wonderwall. Real Lyric: Said maybe.

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