how to say beautiful in armenian

how to say beautiful in armenian

How do you write beautiful in Armenian?

գեղեցիկ So, this is how you say “beautiful” in armenian.

How do you say Girl in Armenian?

Ara Mkrtchyan (X): In Eastern Armenian the word “girl” “աղջիկ” is pronounced “axchik”.

Is Armenian language beautiful?

Armenian is a beautifully unique language, as can be seen by its position in the Indo-European language tree. It utilizes declensions of nouns, which is another way of saying that we alter our nouns in order to describe possession of objects or references to these nouns.

How do you greet an Armenian?

Barev dzez (ba-rev d-zez) – Hello It is customary and polite in Armenia to greet everyone when entering a shop, museum or restaurant. Barev dzez is the formal version of the Armenian ‘hello’, so if you are meeting with a local friend, you can say barev.

How do you say little girl in Armenian?

My little girl is five….girl.EnglishArmeniangirlաղջիկ

Why is Armenian unique?

Armenian is an Indo-European language, and has many words in common with Greek and Latin. Unlike Arabic, Armenian is written left to right. Unlike Arabic, the letters in words remain separate and do not join adjacent letters to form new shapes. The letters do not change shape due to location in the word, unlike Arabic.

What does Bari LUYS mean?

Good morning
Good morning – Բարի լույս (bari luys)

What is Shnorhakalutyun?

The Word Shnorhakalutyun (շնորհակալություն) means thank you in Armenian. It is obvious that it is a rather long phrase.

What does Saha mean Arabic?

‘Saha’ (sa-ha) / health The word ‘saha’ is said to wish you good health or blessings. A common derivative of the word, ‘sahtayn’ is always said before starting a meal. The response, ‘ala qalbak’ means ‘to your heart’.

What does Ian mean in Armenian?

Many Armenian surnames end in -ian, which signifies possession or belonging. The tradition to do this began when people’s surnames would be the first name of their grandfather plus the suffix -ian.

beautiful – English-Armenian translation

beautiful = գեղեցիկ. The English to Armenian online dictionary. Check spelling and grammar. English-Armenian translations. Over 10000 Armenian.

Beautiful in Armenian –

How to say Beautiful in Armenian?

How to say beautiful in Armenian? –

How to say beautiful in Armenian? ˈbyu tə fəlbeau·ti·ful. Would you like to know how to translate beautiful to Armenian?

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If you want to know how to say beautiful in Armenian, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Armenian better.

how to say beautiful in armenian –

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English to Armenian Meaning/Translation of Beautiful

English to Armenian Meaning :: beautiful ; adjective : գեղեցիկ, չքնաղ, գեղանի ; Beautiful :: գեղեցիկ ; Beautifully :: գեղեցիկ.

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You can say ‘yes qez sirum em’ or ‘yes sirum em qez’ or just ‘sirum em qez’. Or if you truly love him/her with all of your heart, you can say ‘yes gzhvum em qo …

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