find indian wife

find indian wife

Do Indian wives share their husbands?

Nearly 50 per cent of married people in India confessed of having had an intimate relationship with someone other than the spouse, while almost 5 out of 10 have already indulged in casual sex (47 per cent) or one-night stands (46 per cent).

What is a molki?

“These women are called paro or molki, which means ‘stolen’ or ‘purchased’, as a way to humiliate them.” Many bride trafficking survivors are forced into unpaid work in the agricultural sector for their husbands and in-laws.

What do Indian wife want from husband?

Though she may seem devious to him at times, it is important to grant her wishes for a long and happy marriage. The non-materialistic things Indian women want from their husband is to give priority to their wife other than their mother. She also wants him to spend less time at work and more time at home.

What is Molkki Dulhan?

COLORS presents yet another hard-hitting concept, a family drama, Molkki, that outlines how the skewed sex ratio led to the bride buying custom which is still prevalent in Haryana. It is a story of a 19-year-old, Purvi, who is a ‘Mol ki Dulhan’, which means a bride bought in exchange for money.

Who is Nandini in Molkki?

Presently, Rishika is a part of Colors’ Molkki, as Nandini Pratap Singh, Virendra Pratap’s eldest daughter. Her entry into the show marked a massive change in the storyline of Molkki. We rang the diva and asked her about her experience in the show.

What are the expectations of an Indian wife?

Pure Love & Affection Showing him pure love and affection is another thing Indian men want in a wife. To feel pampered, cared for and even get spoiled with affectionate hands -Indian men just expect their wives to be superwoman.

Why are Indian men scared of their wives?

Many Indian husbands are not comfortable with household affairs or don’t know how to carry out them, such as washing clothes and dishes, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the family and children and in this case, if their wives get angry and stop managing this all, the situation becomes a tight spot for husbands.

How do I choose an Indian bride?

How to select a good wife for your lifeAge compatibility: Never choose or select a girl who is older than you. … The religion: the religion brings lot of indifference between the couples. … The caste: We in India are very good followers of caste system. … Physical structure: This is one of the important aspect.

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