ethiopian girls dating

ethiopian girls dating

What is family life like in Ethiopia?

Family structure typically includes the extended family. Family ties are strong. Households in the Ethiopian community include from one to six persons, half of whom are children under age 10. In the U.S., the divorce rate is high and mothers have a hard time raising children as single parents.

Do Ethiopian people have last names?

People do not have a surname in Ethiopia. Therefore, individuals living in the West may use their father’s name in place of a surname. This can result in confusion, as it may appear members of the same family have different surnames.

What is Ethiopia’s main religion?

Roughly two-thirds of the Ethiopian population identifies as Christian and one-third is Muslim. At the time of the 2007 census, 43.5% of the population identified as Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, 33.9% identified as Muslim and 18.5% identified as Protestant Christian (Pentay).

What language is mainly spoken in Ethiopia?

Amharic is one of the country’s principal languages and is native to the central and northwestern areas. Gurage and Hareri are spoken by relatively few people in the south and east.

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