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Dating online is a rescue aid for different people, it is a lot easier than regular dating. And it can be helpful for disabled singles who can’t start dating like all other singles. It is even easier and not only for disabled people. Why is it simple? Because you don’t even have to come out from your comfort zone, you can create an account, complete a profile by telling something about yourself and adding pictures, and that’s it, you can start searching for compatible partners.

This is why it is so easy – you learn online about a person you like, and then you meet and start regular communication and then you even start dating. It’s easier to find out more about someone, then you will have topics to discuss when you finally meet. And for disabled people, it’s a good way too. You don’t have to waste time on people you eventually won’t like. The best-disabled dating sites will make sure you will be connected with an individual with a similar mindset.

The handicapped dating online is easier with such disabled dating sites since it not only saves time, but it also allows to learn more about the person and to start feeling more comfortable. That way, you won’t have to come out of your comfort zone – you stretch this comfort zone while using disabled dating sites.

Below you will find a list of disabled dating sites, make sure you understand that it’s not a top list or a list of best-disabled dating sites. The review is based only on personal observations, some gathered data about each site, and reviews of real users of each disabled dating site.

Best Disabled Dating Sites

Disability Match

This disability dating site is most popular in the United Kingdom. It suggests services to users with different types of disabilities making this website one of the best and useful special needs dating sites in the UK. The privacy matters are important to the owners of the website so the safety measures are regularly implemented into the dating site.

It has tutorials so people will understand quickly how to use this site for disabled singles. Special tools are used to make the best profile, to add more details and to meet the person with whom you can become happy and feel loved.

Most important is that you can search by disabilities, by area or by other criteria. So you can meet someone nearby with similar interests and hobbies, and with special needs. It’s easy to use it, and there are several types of fun features making the experience on this disabled site even more positive and resultative.


This disabled site is more of a social network where you can meet not only your significant other but friends and support as well. It is a new disabled dating site but it is already popular among people who have special needs. It was designed for people with different disabilities, mental, physical, or emotional disabilities. Even if you are not a social person and you can’t meet love or friends in a regular way, you can use this disabled site.

Even though it was launched not a long time ago, it is already one of the most convenient and used dating sites for partially disabled. If you need friendship or support you can find it here. The website is protected but always be careful while using dating websites. Don’t publish private data, especially, financial information. Overall, the website is good and it offers a lot of tools for everyone to find what they need the most.


It is not a disabled dating for a free website, it offers several paid features, but this site is good for at least one reason – it was created by parents who have a daughter with disabilities. Since they know how frustrating it can be to find love when you are fully or partially disabled, parents of this young woman have created a place where people with similar issues can meet love, friendship, and support.

It was created for people who have special needs and who want to have fun with friends in a safe and peaceful environment. Everyone should have privacy and the parents of this young woman understand that. So now disabled singles can meet love by using special tools of this site. That way everyone will have a chance to find a special individual who will love, support and understand them. Mutual respect and similar interests are something that might connect two individuals and help them fall in love.

Whispers 4 U

One of those dating sites for people with disabilities that can be used for free, but people can pay to make sure they are using every option available to find what they need. It is one of the oldest disabled dating sites, it was launched almost twenty years ago. Since then the team has improved their methods of protecting singles, of connecting them with potential partners, and they have implemented tons of fun functions for singles to use and to have fun.

This disabled website has tons of things to offer, for instance, tutorials will aid people to understand how to use all those tools and options available on the website. They also tell how to make sure you are using the web camera safely, and how to use video chats. They also reveal some safety tips and other important things. This disabled website helps thousands of disabled singles to finally meet someone special, who will treat them as if there is no one else in the whole world. Companionship, support, and a friendly atmosphere is something you can find here.

Meet Disabled Singles

The disabled dating site reviews on this disabled website assure that it is one of the finest disabled websites. It can offer different types of relationships, including simple flirting, friendship, and serious dating. It has such fun features like video chats, flirts, matchmaking, games, and other similar tools. Video chats are just awesome since they allow you to see your friend or soulmate even when you can’t meet in person. There are tutorials on how to use every tool available.

If you are looking for someone who has a similar mindset, be sure you will find not just one person but several. It has a large community of people who are seeking love and friendship. You can search for people due to their type of disability, religion, hobbies and interests, type of sexual orientation, location, etc. There are tons of filters for you to add and meet the person who will perfectly understand you. That way the site is playing the role of a true cupid.

Soulful Encounters

The owners believe that there are no borders for love and friendship. It doesn’t matter where you live, who you are and what type of disability you have. This disabled website is one of those platforms where you can relax and be yourself. It is one of those mentally disabled dating sites as well as physically disabled sites that will make sure you can be connected with a perfect match.

It is unique since it has even more interesting functions than regular sites. For example, you can listen to the radio which is on the website. This radio station had been created specifically for this website and it is really fun and you can enjoy it. It is not a free site, but it offers tons of interesting options. It has different messaging features, games, ice-breaking functions and the matching system is quite precise and decent.

Best Disabled Dating Sites

Disability Dating

It is one of the handicaps dating sites free, but it is protected. Also, it had been launched a while ago and the purpose of launching is clear – everyone should be loved and happy. It was designed for people with different types of disabilities, if to be precise, for every type of disability. The aim of the website is to connect people with different needs and to make them happy.

One of the most important goals of the creators is to make sure that the environment is not only safe but positive and friendly. Everyone has needs, but not everyone can satisfy them in a regular way. If you are missing something in life, you can find it on this platform. Even if it is just flirting, or chatting with other individuals, you can be sure that this website will satisfy such a need.

Disabled Passions

This disabled dating site is good since it is connected to more than a hundred of niche dating resources. Meaning, it could find the person you need for sure. Even though the site overall doesn’t have that many users, it could connect to other resources and connect you with a perfect match you were looking for.

It suggests utilizing safe and interesting tools, such as emailing, instant messaging, video chatting, and other cool things. It even has several fun games for you to enjoy them while the system is looking for your match based on the details you have added. Yes, it is important, to be honest, and to reveal the traits which you value the most in people. That way this site will surely connect you with the person you need.

Dating 4 Disabled

The owners of this disabled dating site believe that a good platform has to include more features than just options for dating and flirting. It needs to have everything. That is why on this disabled dating site you will find not only amusing features to meet love or friendship but also blogs and forums. You might either join a topic in a forum, or you could start your own discussion if you have any questions or thoughts that you want to share with other people.

Apart from that, this disabled website suggests to all the user’s interesting functions such as chatting (live chats or chats in personal mails with one individual), video chatting for you to see your soulmate or friend, a matching system which will connect you with a like-minded individual. It has several safety tips since it is very important for the owners to keep all the members safe and protected. You’d better read those safety tips, don’t just skip them thinking you already know how to protect yourself.

No Longer Lonely

The name of this disabled dating site perfectly describes what to expect. If you don’t have friends who really understand you and support, th

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