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Dirty Tinder, what is it and what is it? [Complete rejection]

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Dirty Tinder, what is it and what is it? [Complete rejection]


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    Around the Dirty Tinder there is a shroud of mysteries.

    In this article we will look at the following:

    Best time limited suggestions

    At the end of this article you should have known everything about the “Dirty Tinder”. Let’s do it without any further ado.

    Take care of other great alternatives like & .

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        What is a dirty Tinder

        Initially, let’s explain what Dirty Tinder is and why there’s so much debate on the Internet about it.

        Before we go too far with the Dirty Tinder, you might be interested to know that for people looking for a transplant, a casual date or a serious relationship, there are other sites that are well known only for transplants (e.g., or )and some niches in a serious relationship that are prominent, e.g. ().

        You’ve probably already stumbled across some web page advertising the Dirty Tinder.

        I mean, of course, who wouldn’t want to check it out, right?

        A lot of these ads will make you, which in turn will simply redirect you to different dating sites based on your current location.

        Anyway, this domain is not currently active, and it is not really clear whether the redirections are still working or not, but there is a message that says you can make an offer to apply for a domain.

        This in itself tells you that the domain owner is not currently planning anything for him.

        But it also means that the website is completely dead?

        It makes things pretty blurry.

        There are several possible redirects, and only a few claim to have managed to register on the site.

        In most cases you are just looking for online dating sites and some of them will take you to a supposed Dirty Tinder page which will take you to these other sites I mentioned.

        fake Dirty Tinder elements

        A few things to remember in these redirects:

        The first thing you will notice in most of these sites that advertise the Dirty Tinder is the use of the official Tinder logo.

        This makes many people think that the Dirty Tinder is associated with the Tinder, so using it is safe and secure, just like the real Tinder.

        This is just a fake ad, so don’t confuse it with anything else.

        Next, you may notice a 3-minute countdown timer showing how much time you have left to go to the site and sleep with sexy girls.

        It’s just another clickbyte, a fake feature that will help speed up your decision and get you to go to the website.

        In addition, you will have to answer a few questions to confirm that you are over 18 years old.

        Honestly, these questions won’t make much difference as you can lie and nothing will make you really reveal your real information, so it’s just another click.

        After all these questions, you are most often redirected to another dating site that has nothing to do with the Dirty Tinder.

        One of the redirections you can get is

        You will be taken to the home page where you will see a lot of naked girls.

        No circumstances are you trying to join this site because it is completely fake and they can use your personal information if you do. is another fairly common scam that surrounds the Dirty Tinder.

        This is the site that tries to make money using the popularity of the Tinder brand.

        When you first accessed the site, you noticed that there are many pictures of hot girls that you can scroll at the top of the page.

        They want you to think that these profiles are real girls, just to make you enter the site.

        So whenever you see this fake website, never try to join it.

        In order to spice things up, they even show you that there are reviews from some supposed members, where people say how good Dirty Tinder is, and how you can date girls for casual entertainment and other dating sites.

        It’s not real at all.

        This is just another kind of false advertising to attract more people.

        Dirty Tinder app – Fact or Myth

        Some parts of the web version were about the Dirty Tinder app, which was available on both Android and iOS devices.

        I tried to find it on both Google Play and the App Store, but could not do it.

        Looks like the apps never existed there or it was just deleted.

        I actually managed to find the installation file for the Dirty Tinder app on Android.

        The last time the app was updated was back in 2017, so it’s pretty out of date.

        And on top of that, since it’s not an official Google Play installation, it wasn’t quite safe to download it, so I had to use a “disposable” phone.

        Anyway, after a while, I finally managed to get and test the app myself.

        It hasn’t been for a long time, but that’s exactly what I found out.

        The first thing you will notice about the Dirty Tinder app is that it doesn’t ask you to give access to certain features in your phone, such as GPS, for example.

        Now, why is this so important to us? Usually the mapping algorithm displays profiles of your closest users.

        This is not done to steal your identity or anything else, but simply to allow the application to match users in the best possible way.

        Best time limited offers

        So what does it mean when this feature is not active?

        Well, theoretically it may mean that the Dirty Tinder’s matching algorithm works differently, but it’s more likely that the app isn’t even trying to match you with other people, it’s only trying to match you with fake profiles.

        In addition, when you’re done with the installation, you’ll probably notice that the app isn’t a dating app per se, but more like a live video website.

        Then you’ll probably think how great it would be to have a live chat with all these girls during a striptease for you.

        Anyway, this never happened, because when I tried to run and try out the app, it kept giving me the wrong idea.

        And the fact that it hasn’t been updated in over 3 years didn’t sound as encouraging.

        It wasn’t possible to test it properly after all.

        So I can’t say that the application is completely fake or completely true, just because there was no way to check if all the rumors about it were true.

        Dirty Tinder Profiles

        Just talk about it a bit.


        Sexy Girl Profiles, if you manage to pass and register on the actual site.

        Honestly, when I first visited the Dirty Tinder and saw all those hot girls profiles, with pictures of them naked and excited, I was excited, I must confess.

        But as with everything, I like to be careful before rushing to some conclusions, so I decided and this is what I learned.

        At first sight you will see that the Dirty Tinder photos are very attractive, which makes the girls in them very excited and ready to meet you.

        Today, before you think about rushing to the site to meet these girls, you should take a look at one of the reviews from Trustpilot, the person who allegedly managed to register on the site.

        “I’ve been on the Dirty Tinder for about three months now. I’ve received some pretty weird messages from some women’s profiles, but in fact I’ve only been chatting with only two of them for a decent amount of time.

        The site is very different from other dating sites.

        You do get replies to your messages, and the women seem to interact with you.

        Whenever you try to move things forward, they just try to prolong the conversation without giving a clear answer, telling you how they should feel safe first.

        All of this has gone on for months and things haven’t progressed at all.

        My personal opinion is that these profiles are definitely not bot profiles, but people have probably been hired to talk to strangers who have been trapped and registered on this website, and when I tried to confirm this by facing them about it, they ignored my messages, which just confirms my theory.”

        There are further reviews in which people claim that the Dirty Tinder is a fake, which only confirms my suspicion that the Dirty Tinder is just a clickbyte aimed at advertising other websites and making money on click.

        There are only a few bot-like reviews that claim to have had a lot of experience with the website. Therefore, because of all this research, my only conclusion about the profiles on the Dirty Tinder is that they are fake.

        The employees are most likely paid to communicate with the users, and their only task is to keep the conversation as long as possible, without giving you anything real.

        Final Word

        You have learned that the Dirty Tinder is a website that you need to visit to attract more people and get more clicks and hits for other websites.

        I mentioned some of the most common fake elements that the Dirty Tinder uses to achieve this goal, such as using the official Tinder logo and reputation, a 3 minute countdown timer and all those fake questions that are used to verify that you are over 18 years old.

        Then I also told you how the scam actually works and what possible redirections you can visit.

        At the end I explained how the profiles on the Dirty Tinder look like.

        We have found that most, if not all, of them are fake profiles, or employees who are paid to talk to men who join and register on the site.

        Because I really can’t recommend anyone to use the Dirty Tinder in their right mind, because there’s no evidence that you can actually find hot girls to connect to this website.

        So in my opinion, if you really want to meet someone, either just for casual pleasure or something more serious, you should.

        After all this Tinder seduction works a bit different nowadays, compared to the older times, it is still pretty easy to find hot girls.

        After all this Tinder still, and with advanced features, you can meet girls not only from your own country, but from all over the world.

        So instead of wasting time on fake websites such as the Dirty Tinder, check out other dating sites and you will definitely find sexy girls to meet.


        Wherever you are friends!

        This was my review of the Dirty Tinder.

        Hope you’ve learned enough to understand how this scam works.

        This should help you avoid getting trapped and share information, because you never know when a malware or something like that might get into your system.

        If you have something to share or ask a question on this topic, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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