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Believe it or not, but dating sites are good at establishing serious relationships. There are some studies which prove this fact – people who started dating by using dating sites, have happier and stronger marriages, they rarely get divorced, and overall, there are thousands if not millions of married couples who met online.

This can be explained by a simple fact – when two decide to get married, they are ready for serious steps. They value relationships, they want to get married. But what is even more important, they are using dating sites to get married. Why does that important? Because they are seeking like-minded partners. That’s why these married couples are so successful – they have lots of things in common.

But there is another side of this positive effect, you can call it a side effect – people are starting to cheat on each other by using dating networks. Everyone has their own understanding of what can be called an affair. Some say they don’t care if their partners are flirting with others, but some claim they would be hurt if they find out that their significant others are flirting. It depends on the person.

But it doesn’t really matter what purpose you have, what matters is the quality of a dating site for a married individual. There are some dating sites that will allow you to have a secret affair. You can’t use a mainstream site even if you just want to flirt with someone. Someone who you know might be using the site and your spouse will eventually find out about that. So the best idea is to use dating sites for married people – they have some protection.

Mainstream dating webs are usually checked so you won’t even have a chance to create a fake profile to flirt with someone. Tinder is the worst idea ever unless you are using it with your wife and searching for a couple – but that’s hard to find. So, below you will find a list of dating sites for married persons, most of them are paid, but some are free to use. These married dating sites reviewed, so you can use them.

Dating Sites For Married People

Victoria Milan

It’s not one of the best married dating sites, but it is worthy of your attention. It has interesting functions, simple design, and some things which make the web unique and one of a kind, for instance, the panic button. Yes, you got that right, this panic button is exactly what you think.

The main idea is to use this dating site for married people anonymously. It will be setting you up with people nearby so you can start n adventure. As long as your spouse doesn’t use this dating site, you are good. Because imagine your surprise if you will be set up on a date.

Marital Affairs

It’s one of those legitimate dating sites for married which will help you to have fun. The owners affirm that you won’t have any problems with being caught – you won’t be. The privacy matters of this dating site for married individuals is one of the most important things. They claim to suggest the finest services which will aid in finding the perfect partner for your adventure.

Illicit Encounters

One of those free dating sites for married women. It seems that married men will have to pay for using the services but it is not yet clear. Creating a profile, flirting and using other stuff is completely free for everyone. This dating site for married is old (which is good), reliable and popular in the UK. If you are having a trip or you live in the UK, you know what to do.

The interesting thing about this husband’s and wife’s affairs dating site is that it has a warning. It warns you that any affair can have an effect on your relationships. Sometimes it is positive (perhaps, when you realize that your spouse is the best), or negative (when you get divorced but don’t feel happy about that). So it is good, the site for dating is a serious thing.


They say that only men can cheat. Some very narrow-minded people even claim that if a man is cheating on his wife, it’s ok, but when a wife is cheating on her husband, it’s the worst thing ever. Luckily, it’s the 21st century, everyone realizes that an affair is a bad thing for both – a man and a woman (let’s be honest, the affair is not a good idea). So this dating site was created by only women.

The owners claim that this dating site for married guys and girls is great when you are planning a trip. It has members in lots of countries so it won’t be difficult to meet the person you like and can have fun. Meet married a man or a woman and have an affair of your lifetime!


Meeting married women online or hot married guys had never been so fun as with BeNaughty. The name of the website is a  great representation of what to expect from this dating site for married people – you can flirt, meet, be naughty. It has interesting features, but privacy is one of the most important things. You can utilize it anonymously and you don’t have to be worried that later your marriage will be ruined.

The functions of this dating site for married allow you to flirt and to be yourself. You don’t even have to meet to have fun, but make sure the app is kept in secret – so don’t leave your phone without attention, it can cause unexpected problems.

Married Secrets

It’s one of those dating sites for married but separated individuals. The word “separated” in this case means not only that you and your husband or wife have decided to take a break or you moved out and living separately, but this also means that you might be living in different cities. It sometimes happens, a husband and wife are working in different cities, temporarily or always, and one of them might want to have fun.

This dating site for married individuals will aid in making your life more fun and enjoyable. It doesn’t matter whether you want to just flirt, or to meet, the site will give you what you need.

Hush Affairs

Whether you are looking for married senior dating because you are tired, or you are a flirty person and can’t live without adventures, this dating site for married will grant the most important thing – it will keep the affair in secret.

This dating site even has a motto which claims that your desires are their secrets. So your deepest dreams that you kept hidden will be kept hidden even when you finally expose them to someone. And one of the best matching systems will make sure you meet the right person to finally satisfy these desires and dreams.

Find New Passions

It’s not one of those married dating sites free to use, but it is good. The name tells everything – we all know, passion will die sooner or later no matter what you do. Eventually, deep feelings, trust, and friendship are all that is left – which is good. Passion is just a feeling which will end, but those things mentioned before won’t. Love is not just passion, it’s a deeper feeling. But what if you need passion in your life?

Use this site, it will help you in preserving those deep feelings that you have, but it will also grant something new, fresh in your life. You can satisfy your need for passion and be happy without damaging your marriage.

Dating Sites For Married People


The owners claim that the site is one of the biggest dating sites for married people. It’s hard to tell, they claim to have millions of people using it (not only married). It is not exactly the site for secret affairs, it’s rather a dating site for relationships without responsibilities. You just meet and forget about each other. Or you flirt.

But the thing is that this website for dating is fun, but not as protected. Meaning, it has security measures, but it is no secret. You have to be careful while using it. Make sure no one from your husband’s or wife’s friends don’t use it too, or you will get into trouble of explaining why you have an account here. But it is included to this married dating sites review since it has a huge database and fans all over the world, so it’s easy to find a compatible person, and not even one.

Ashley Madison

You have probably heard about this platform since it has one of the most recognizable names in the dating affair industry. It’s hard to tell if it’s a good or a bad thing. On the one hand, the site is well-known, it is certainly not a scam, it is a legit web for using online. It was created almost twenty years ago and has one of the biggest databases which can compete even with some mainstream apps, so this is great. The chances to meet not only one suitable person are great.

On the other hand, some of your friends, or even worse, some of the friends of your husband or wife can use it too. But then again, if you won’t tell about their affair (because why are they using it too?), they won’t tell about yours. Seriously, the site is worth it.

Heated Affairs

One of the most interesting dating sites in the affair industry. It is certainly not one of those free online dating sites for married people, but it is a network with a huge audience for couples or only for married individuals. Meaning, that if you and your spouse are looking for spicy relationships, you can find what you need here.

Yes, this web is awesome for everyone – for married couples, for people of different sexual orientations, for single and married individuals, etc. If you are looking for a hot lady with your husband or your wife, you will meet her here. If your goal is a private party, you will find people to invite here too. Whatever you want, just create an account and you will have it.

No Strings Attached

This dating site has a clear name – you can find relationships with no strings attached. One nightstand? Yes, sure, just complete the profile and state who you want to meet on this dating site. An affair? Yes, certainly. If you are on a trip, this dating site will be very helpful to meet a person who clearly understands what he or she wants from life.

You don’t have to explain anything to your potential candidate, like whether you have or you don’t have serious relationships, people don’t expect anything serious, that is why they are using this network. And one of the best things is that it has a huge audience and you can find a perfect partner. It is one of those married dating sites free for men

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