dating french women

dating french women

Do French women play hard to get?

Part of the dating culture in France is a bit old fashioned, and girls tend to play hard to get to peak the interest of their potential suitor. French women may like to be chased a little or play hard to get, but it doesn’t mean they like players.

Are French guys better in bed?

While there are many explanations for this reputation as being excellent sexual partners, it remains very subjective to say whether the reputation is justified. The French are not “technically superior” in bed, insists Perel, but “they are more comfortable in relationships …

Is French sexier than Italian?

The landslide winner of libidinous languages was French, which ravished a full 50 percent of voters’ affection. Italian came in as the next sexiest language, with 29 percent of votes, followed by English with 15 percent, and German came up dry with only 6 percent.

Why is French so attractive?

It’s a cultural connection Nigel Armstrong, a lecturer in French and sociolinguistics at the University of Leeds, links the sex-appeal in French to the culture, not the language. “Any accent is just a series of sounds,” he says. “The explanation of why we find French sexy and charming is cultural and social.”

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