colombian marriage

colombian marriage

Do foreigners marry Colombians?

Nowadays, it’s very common to see marriages in Colombians with foreigners and between foreigners.

Is divorce legal in Colombia?

In Colombia, divorce happens either by the mutual consent of the spouses or through fault-based grounds for judicial divorce. In the first case, it is called a notarized divorce either with or without property and children in common, and it is usually faster than the process when there is lack of agreement.

What is the legal age to marry in Colombia?

18 years
Age of Marriage: Article 116 and 177 of the Civil Code of Colombia state that the legal age of marriage is 18 years (before reaching that age, only with parents’ permission).

Is there child support in Colombia?

Colombia Child Custody. If the parents of a child have decided to separate or have already separated, both may establish child custody, and Colombian child support payments through the Colombian child custody agreement without having to go to court.

How long does a divorce take in Colombia?

Non-contentious or mutual agreement (de mutuo acuerdo) divorces, where there is no legal confrontation, usually take between six months and one year to conclude. Support payments (alimentos) and child custody (patria potestad) is usually defined as part of the divorce process, and depend on the specific circumstances.

Marriage in Colombia

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