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Canadian brides are known a little about and are often overlooked within the international dating community. This, however, is a rookie mistake: these ladies are not only charming and smart, but they are also very pretty and captivating and are definitely worth admiring. If you want to know more, learn all you need in this article! 

There is an established stereotype that most of the mail order brides and women for marriage online are Russians or Ukrainians, or Asian brides. While this is true that those ladies are in abundance on various mail order bride services, the user base of online dating sites is not limited to them. In fact, singles from all around the world are turning online to look for relationships and find their true love. 

Who Are Canadian Women for Marriage?

Canadian mail order brides is a concept not so usual to the online dating community, hence it evokes some suspicion and even misunderstanding. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to meet a single woman from Canada. Especially since this wish is mutual — the number of Canadian brides on the web is rising by the day!

So, what are the reasons for such a rapid increase in the popularity of mail order bride services among Canadians? In this case, it is pretty obvious and not ambiguous at all. With brides from Canada, you can be sure that they are not looking for a foreign husband to escape their country and look for a better life elsewhere. Canada is, in fact, one of the best places to live in since the living standards there are so high. Moreover, Canadian men are pretty lovely too. So, the one and only reason for Canadian brides to create an account on a dating site are to literally broaden their horizons and expand their dating pool.

All they are interested in is looking for a true soulmate and they are ready to invest all of them into a relationship they think will work out! 

Canadian Women

Appearance of Canadian Women

Despite Canada being one of the most developed countries in the world, it is still surrounded by a number of myths and legends, often obscure ones that are far from the truth. One of such ridiculous myths is that Canadian brides are not too appealing and quite hefty. While, of course, each to their own, and some women in this country do have a bit of chub, it is like that everywhere. In fact, Canada has an incredibly large number of fit and sporty pretty Canadian girls. 

Healthy Bodies

Of course, when compared to Asian countries or those in Eastern Europe, Canadian brides do, indeed, look a bit more muscular, but this is merely due to the fact that Canada has overcome the horrible tradition of glorifying eating disorders and corresponding to them skinny figures, which, unfortunately, are still very much alive in the Eastern countries. In Canada, just like in any other economically developed country, the main attribute of beauty is health. This is why most Canadian brides are paying a lot of attention to having a healthy lifestyle, which includes hitting the gym regularly and keeping a healthy diet. This is not too difficult as in Canada it is rather trendy to go vegetarian, or, on the contrary, consume a lot of protein in the form of lean meat. All of that gives its visual, and often immediate results: beautiful Canadian women are toned and slim. 

Stunning Looks

Apart from that, Canadian women are pretty, too! One of the key reasons why they are blessed with stunning looks is because Canada is a truly international land, so you are likely to meet all kinds of mixed women among Canadian brides online. The biggest expat community in Canada is that of Ukrainians, and the beauty of Ukrainian ladies is undeniable. Subsequently, a lot of Canadian brides are likely to have some Ukrainian ancestors and therefore Ukrainian beauty genes. That affects their appearance: Canadian girlfriends often have dark eyes, dark hair and full lips. 

Happy People

Furthermore, Canada is ranked 7 on the list of happiest countries. Life in this country is rather stress-free and the wellbeing of Canadians is assured by the governments. Especially with the legalization of marijuana, alcohol consumption levels declined, too, leading to an even higher life expectancy and better aging. Lack of stress and worrying positively translates on Canadian brides sparing them of wrinkles.

Cosmetic Treatments

Moreover, with medicine being more than accessible, a lot of Canadian women use plastic surgery and non-surgical alterations of their appearance to enhance their looks. 

Canadian Brides

Features of Canadian Brides

Now that you are more or less familiar with Canadian brides, know who they are and why they turn online to search for love, it is very possible that you are even more convinced that you want to meet one than you were when you first clicked on this article. Perhaps, you are even more interested in how to approach Canadian girls for marriage and what is there to know about them. This is completely understandable as, really, they are one of a kind.

Nevertheless, before this article goes any further into exploring the common traits of Canadian brides, it is important to put emphasis on the following. Despite this article trying its best to present the most comprehensive overview of Canadian brides, all women are different and have some unique features that make them stand out from the average.

Therefore, it is highly likely that the Canadian bride you meet yourself will either not have some of the features listed below, or have a little something unexpected that is not intrinsic to the collective portrait of a Canadian woman. Therefore, we always advise you to only take this article as the starting point to gain a basic understanding of what kind of ladies you can ding on the mail order bride services, and put some effort and time into getting to know each and every individual lady that you find appealing. 

Canadian Singles Are Casual

It is true that in Canada people are rather laid-back and casual about everything. They do not brag about anything, nor do they show off their wealth. This translates on the style of Canadian brides — they prefer something simple and comfy to an over the top outfit. 

In fact, being raised in an environment like that is exactly what makes these ladies so approachable and amicable. They are not arrogant and do not think they are superior to everyone around them. This is why when they turn for the help of mail order bride agencies they are open to viewing all the options and experimenting until they find a husband they have been looking for this whole time.

They Are Approachable

Canadian brides do not play too hard to get as they are very straightforward about their intentions. Moreover, they are also very adventurous and open to new things. This is why they are not opposed to casual dating as well as building serious committed relationships. 

Their Intellect Is Unmatched

It is universally accepted that Canadian education is one of the best in the world. Therefore, it is totally logical that Canadian brides are extremely well-educated and overall smart. Hundred percent of Canadian mail order brides have a high school diploma and are likely to have at least a bachelor’s degree from either a local university or a university abroad.

This is why it is likely that your Canadian mail order bride will have a wide spectrum of knowledge about different things, and a specialization in something particular. Combined with their garrulous nature, it is only expected to have a pretty interesting exchange of facts when it comes to talking to these brides. They can make a valuable contribution to any conversation and will be a pleasure to be around.

Naturally, the language will not be a problem since English is the mother tongue of these brides. 

They Are Ambitious

Given the high degree of education of these ladies, it is expected of them to be very ambitious. In Canada, people root for gender equality, and the gender gap is quite small. Therefore, a lot of women are pursuing a career and set a lot of career goals. They work as CEOs, top managers, serve in the army, etc. This results in Canadian women for marriage being extremely independent. They prefer to have financial and social safety and understand that it is important to work hard in order to ensure those.

However, such an approach to life also teaches Canadian ladies to be realistic. They set attainable goals and know exactly how to reach them.

Since Canadian wives often work, you can expect to have a shared family budget that both of you would contribute to equally. This aggregates a greater shared wealth and results in even better living standards. Besides, being a hard worker herself, the Canadian bride will definitely know how it feels to come home after a long day at work and will be very supportive in helping you to relax.

Family Is Important for These Women

Despite being quite focused on their careers, Canadian women do not forget about the other side of their lives. Apart from being excellent workers, they are also amazing wives and mothers. If you manage to get yourself a Canadian wife, you can rest assured you and your kids will get the most love one can get. Canadian women are great homemakers and care deeply about the well-being of their loved ones. 

Moreover, these brides are also amazing cooks since from a very early age they are taught how to prepare dishes of the national cuisine. 

Canadian Girls

What Is the Best Canadian Wife Finder?

Canadian women are present on a number of online dating sites and are definitely not too challenging to come across online. However, it does not mean that you can simply set up a profile on the first random site that you see without putting too much thought into it. On the contrary, you need to find a site that is legit and will help you to meet your love — a perfect Canadian bride! Here are some of the best places to start looking:

Match Truly

  • One of the best international online dating sites that have a broad collection of profiles of beautiful Canadian brides to connect with
  • Has a number of additional features to enhance your online dating experience
  • Moderation of the site is very strong so you can be sure all the brides are legit

Love Swans

  • An international dating site that is popular among Canadian brides
  • High response rates
  • Registration is straightforward and free

Lover Whirl

  • Uses a highly effective matching mechanism to ensure you are provided with the profiles of those people you would be most compatible with
  • Has an advanced search tool to refine your search by applying filters to it
  • Has a wide selection of Canadian users to communicate with

Tips for Dating Canadian Women

Canadian brides are very outgoing and easy to talk to, it is a fact! Nevertheless, you need to remember that there are still some cultural peculiarities that you have to take into consideration in order for your Canadian girls dating to be successful:

Don’t Think They Are Easy to Get

While Canadian brides are definitely not the shy bunch and are quite straightforward, the worst thing you can do is to assume they are easy and move too fast in a relationship. These brides are fun and intricate, and you need to treat them accordingly! Establish a meaningful connection first, and she will thank you later.

Don’t Show Off, Be Cool

This is something all the other nations should learn from Canadians — do not try to prove something by acting unnatural trying to flex with what you have. Just be yourself, and be casual about things.

Be Ready to Meet Her Family

Canadian brides are known to have a strong bond with their families, so it is best if you manage to get her family to like her.

Don’t Compare Canadians to Americans

It is a cultural thing, just don’t! Seriously, with the number of jokes going around that Canada is America’s 51st state, a comparison like that can be simply rude. 

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