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bumble review

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Bumble is among the most popular dating services today, so read this Bumble review to learn more. In today’s world, women have the same rights as men. They occupy high positions, build a successful career and can afford to be luxurious and independent. But what good is it if you have to return to an empty house every day, and you spend the holidays alone. Employees and classmates have long-established families and built strong relationships.

And, looking at how they rejoice, you understand that real female happiness lies in a loving husband and children. It is so nice to understand that you gave this world something more than just a few annual reports and after you will remain beautiful and well-educated descendants. This aspect most Bumble reviews emphasize.

However, the main problem is that meet the perfect satellite is not so simple. Many men are simply afraid to approach successful women. In this Bumble review, we’ll try to figure out why it happens. You have to take the initiative into your own hands and take the first step. It is good that the Internet has many sites that allow you to find happiness and find true love. And there is an ideal option designed specifically for the lady – this is Bumble, read the Bumble review to learn more.


Pros and Cons

Bumble service managed to become extremely popular in just a few years of existence, gaining a large customer base. However, many users are still pondering, is bumble any good. Well, let’s go over the main advantages and disadvantages of the site.



Bumble site is well known to many users, and all its actions are legit. This means that no confidential information will fall into the hands of hackers, and the user will not become a victim of intruders. All personal data and information about payment systems are reliably protected using SSL 3.0. 128-bit cipher makes it inaccessible for hacking;

Affordable Cost

So, did you find the answer to the question is bumble legit? It is worth adding that working with the service is not only safe but also beneficial. Thanks to the excellent Bumble rates and a progressive system of discounts, you can subscribe for six months for only $ 79.99 and enjoy communication with pleasant partners you choose for six months;


Simple Bumble registration through Facebook allows you to quickly import information from your profile and start searching better than half. Moreover, the application was developed by professional programmers, so it does not crash and works stably even in conditions of poor Internet connection;

Excellent Usability

Understanding the functionality of the Bumble service is very easy, and a pleasant color scheme does not bother your eyes. This means that you can study your favorite Bumble profiles for hours without knowing fatigue;

Wide Users Database

Bumble application has become extremely relevant recently and many positive Bumble reviews prove it. According to statistics, it is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Finding the perfect partner on this list is just a matter of time;

Excellent Search Algorithm

And to make the process as successful as possible, special search algorithms will help. They analyze the specified information, take into account the user’s location and give out the most suitable options;


Girls who are looking for a partner may not be afraid of harassment or indecent offers. Only they have the right to be the first to start a conversation, and they have 24 hours to do so (in case of coincidence). If a lady is looking for a friend (BFF), then a man can start a conversation.


Lack of Search Filters

Lack of a large number of custom filters (as in standard dating sites);

You Cannot Filter Users by Location

Bumble search system is aimed at selecting partners for meetings and takes into account the distance between users. This means that you will not be able to meet an exotic stranger from South America or Asia if you are not there at the moment.

What Is Bumble Dating Site?

The main questions this Bumble review wants to answer is “What is Bumble dating site is all about?”. Many Bumble users know about the Tinder site, which is aimed at fleeting acquaintances and dates live. An employee of this company was Whitney Woolf – founder of – an online dating site for women. According to her, the girls who started communication first get a much better chance of a pleasant relationship. Moreover, the risk of receiving rude and indecent messages is reduced if the user himself first determines the boundaries of what is permitted.

About Bumble

That is why Bumble site has gained such success and quickly gained momentum in the Western world. Singles girls looking for dates without vulgarity and obscene offers began to register on the service and look for a suitable man. The network already has many reviews of bumble, where enthusiastic users highly appreciate the functionality and design of the service.

There are many reasons why a user should subscribe to Bumble site:

  • Convenience;
  • Reliability;
  • Security;
  • Legality;
  • Big choice;
  • Fast registration and excellent usability;
  • Adequate cost per month.

How to Get Started on Dating Site Bumble

So, you are bored with loneliness, and you decided to register on a dating site. Previously, you should read the review of Bumble from an experienced user and learn about all the features inherent in the service. To register, you will need to go to Facebook and download this application. Now you need to go through the registration procedure and indicate in the profile your name, gender, age, degree of education and the purpose of registration. You can speed up the procedure and import all the data from Facebook.

After that, you should log in to your Bumble account and add information about yourself. You can upload six photos that will be available to all users. Conveniently, all personal photos will never be published on Facebook following the rules of confidentiality. It is best to choose those pictures that fully reflect your inner world and emphasize life values. This will help the search program find the best match. You don’t want to start a relationship with deception or meet a person, who does not share your interests, do you? Additionally, you can connect the service to Instagram, which will show the 24 most popular pictures. It is very convenient – you just need to make sure you are satisfied with these photos.

Now you need to write a short text “About Me”. And this Bubmel review will teach you how to do this right on ab Bumble dating platform. Here you can tell any information – the main thing is that the article should be 300 characters or less. This is a real challenge because you need to write an attractive and interesting text that attracts other users. Well, then you should begin to search for single men of good appearance, eager to meet with you.

Many potential Bumble users who read this Bumble review are interested in, is Bumble good? Yes, this is true, because the application offers excellent functionality and usability. A pleasant design pleases the eye, and a competent arrangement of sections allows you to quickly find the necessary section and proceed to communicate with partners. Now you can view the profiles of single men and swipe them – rest assured your bumble experience will be positive.


How Does Bumble Work for Women

Just a few steps separate registration on Bumble site from full communication and strong relationships with the perfect couple.

  1. First, you need to connect to the top dating site and download the App via Facebook;
  2. Next, you will need to fill out your profile, indicating the greatest number of interests and describing information about yourself;
  3. Now you can view profiles of free men or women registered on the site. Conveniently, the service takes into account your location – you don’t need to contact someone for hundreds of miles – a potential partner is already nearby;
  4. Bumble – is it safe and convenient. You can read about safety of the Bumble dating site in this Bumble review. Because all profiles are tied to Facebook data, which means they are verified. If a girl does not want a relationship, she can use the “BFF” option and find a real friend. A great solution for those who have moved to a new city and want to make friends;
  5. Inspect the proposed photos and choose which options you like. All you have to do is swipe left to not like someone, and swipe your finger on the screen if you like. If the partners liked each other, you get bumble feedback about the possibility of pairing.
  6. But only a girl can start a conversation. She has 24 hours to evaluate whether she wants to chat with the guy who liked and liked her. If so, she writes online and begins a conversation.

It turns out that finding a partner who is close by interests and life values ​​is quite simple. You just need to use the services of an excellent dating site.

Bumble Dating Website: Free Search

The success of the Bumble application and the presence of such a large number of positive bumble reviews from users lie in high-quality search algorithms. Bumble service does not offer the client all in a row but analyzes the specified information. It takes into account the age of life values, as well as personal information from the «About Me» section. Be sure that you will not be offered a pair that you will not like 100%. Almost all options can be of interest to something.

A distinctive feature is that the coincidence “will remain in force” only for 24 hours. Both partners receive a coincidence message, but only the girl has the right to start a conversation in the next day. This was done so that the ladies were more decisive and showed interest in the guys who liked them. Men understand that if there was no answer in the next day, then the search for the second half should continue. True, both partners can start a conversation first if the girl is looking for a friend and the “BFF” option is activated. Finish reading the Bumble dating site review and go check it out yourself.

Bumble Dating Service Advanced Search

The service offers advanced Bumble features to VIP-account holders. For example, features.


It allows you to view profiles of only those partners who have already liked you so that a match is guaranteed. This allows you to significantly save time and make the search as effective as possible. Many positive Bumble review consider this feature the most useful one.


An opportunity to extend Swipe for another 24 hours. Such a gesture will make it clear to the girl that the guy is interested in communication and wants to know more about her. Most probably after reading this Bumble review, you’ll be willing to try this feature yourself.


It allows you to increase the 24-hour interval to 48 hours. This means that the girl will have more time to study the profiles of applicants and begin communication with the partner they like.

How Much Does Bumble Cost

Bumble site is not free, and the subscription to services depends on the duration of the offer.

  • One week will cost the user $ 8.99;
  • Month – $ 24.99. Saves 35%;
  • Three months cost $ 49.99 ($ ​​16.66 / per month) and the savings are 56%;
  • A six-month subscription will cost $ 79.99 ($ ​​13.33 / per month) and save the client 65%

You can also purchase domestic currency, allowing you to purchase SuperSwipe. You can save a lot by buying them in bulk.

  • One coin – $ 1.99;
  • Five coins – $ 7.99 (saving 19%);
  • Ten – $ 14.99 (saving 24%);
  • Twenty – $ 24.99 (saving 42%).

Top-ups are available through Visa, Cirrus, Maestro or MasterCard and electronic wallets PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and other credit cards.


Online dating site review about Bumble is worth ending with a brief conclusion. Bumble service is perfect for everyone, both men and women. Due to its great popularity, a huge number of users, legality and excellent prices, it has become a real treasure for single people. Thanks to well-tuned search algorithms, he quickly finds suitable options near the user.

Of course, women have more rights and can start a conversation first, but this application is also great for guys. It is only necessary to indicate true information – the lady will like it and be yourself in communication. Hopefully, this Bumble review helped you to understand that true happiness can be easily found using the Bumble dating service.

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