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AsianMelodies is a popular international dating platform with a large customer base. The main focus of the site is to acquaint people from all over the world with charming single girls from China, which is an important feature to mention in this AsianMelodies review. Today, China is the country with the most developing economies in the world. A huge role in this achievement is played by Chinese women. This shows how hardworking these fragile human beings are. Many foreigners value them for this quality and therefore want to find such a wife for themselves since they are beautiful, educated, open and friendly. If you share this opinion and are also looking for a bride from China, then AsianMelodies is a great option to do this. Interested to know how this online resource works? Keep reading our AsianMelodies review of website, where we will consider all the platform nuances, as well as give practical advice on how to win the heart of a Chinese bride. It’s time to know all the truth about AsianMelodies.

Overall Rating – 9.0/ 10

  • Value for price: 9.0
  • Quality of members: 9.0
  • Ease of use: 9.0
  • Customer satisfaction: 9.0
  • Safety: 9.0

Pros /Cons:


  • Free signup available;
  • High-end services;
  • Cheap prices;
  • Selected members
  • Virtual and real gifts;
  • Customer data protection;
  • A lot of advanced communication tools and features.
  • Get 20 credits upon registration


  • Free platform access is limited;
  • You have to pay to unlock all platform features.
  • No mobile app;

What Is

AsianMelodies is a popular platform for foreigners to date luxurious Chinese brides. The developers of the site have created all the conditions for customers to use the site with pleasure. Let’s look at why this site is more attractive than similar platforms in this industry. The first thing that distinguishes this site from the mass and has been mentioned in multiple AsianMelodies reviews is that there is no standard monthly fee. Having decided that the client should pay only for the services that he uses, the site owner decided to use the pay-per-action model.

Most members of the platform appreciated this format and enjoy using it, which numerous AsianMelodies dating reviews prove. Why do most users like it? People consider such a policy to be transparent, in addition, customers who use services reasonably, saving their money. Let’s speak about pricing, prices for services on the site are simply unrealistically low compared to competitors. For example, the cost of the most popular live chat platform service is only 2 credits per minute. What are the credits? We want to clarify it in this review on AsianMelodies dating site, credits are the currency of this online resource. The cost of 1 loan is $ 0.15. The cost of another frequently used video chat service is 50 credits. The site staff also added the “real gift” service.

The client can send the girl he liked will be huge flowers or any other gift. These features are very beneficial for the further development of relationships. It is also worth mentioning in our review that a platform user can order a personal meeting with a girl. The only condition under which the meeting can take place is if it is on the side of the girl.

AsianMelodies at a Glance

  • Best for: people who are looking for beautiful Chinese women;
  • Recommended age: 20-40;
  • Number of members: millions;
  • Favorite features: live chat, video chat, real gifts, real meeting;

How Does AsianMelodies Work?

According to multiple AsianMelodies dating site reviews, to become a member of the platform, a person must register. This is a quick procedure. You just need to fill in all the required fields and perform the following steps:

  • You provide a name, password, email address, date of birth;
  • You fill out your profile;
  • You are uploading a photo;
  • You are looking for a bride using advanced search tools;
  • You mark the girls you like;

The program remembers by what criteria you were looking for girls, and in the future will suggest to you those ladies that suit them.

The site administration strongly recommends that you do not provide personal data, such as the real address of the place of residence, last name or other data by which scammers can find you and cause you material or physical harm. Is AsianMelodies any good? Of course, it is! Is AsianMelodies worth paying for? Definitely!


Another good thing to write about in this AsianMelodies dating site review is that it provides free advanced search tools to search for girls. All that is required of you is to clarify by what criteria the girls should be selected, then the AsianMelodies free search program will filter and give you a list of those girls that meet the specified parameters in a few seconds. Then you select the best in your opinion and start a dialogue with them.


The registration process is simple and fast. After completing a few steps, you will have access to an endless number of beautiful lonely Chinese brides who are waiting for your message. To get this access just fill in a few required fields. Here they are:

  1. Name;
  2. Password;
  3. Email;
  4. Date of birth;
  5. Sex;
  6. Fill out the profile;
  7. Upload a photo.

The administration carefully checks all profiles during registration and approves only those that contain reliable and accurate content. Therefore, spend some time creating your profile. Many AsianMelodies dating site reviews prove that it works!

main page AsianMelodies

Profile Quality

AsianMelodies administration closely monitors the quality of each profile. They do this for that the level of fraudsters and fakes accounts on the site is close to 0. Therefore, each profile is rich in information, each profile has pictures, private videos. In addition, each avatar is authentic and belongs to the owner of the profile. Therefore, we can confidently say that the quality of the profile at AsianMelodies is at the highest level.


All services are paid with credits. Credits are not real money. This is the currency of the platform. The cost of 1 credit is $ 0.50. There are  the services you can use and their cost:

  • Live chat – 2 credits / minute;
  • Video chat – 50 credits / per video;
  • Sending letter –  30 credits / each;
  • Profile videos – 25 credits / per video;
  • Sending a photo – 10 credits / each;
  • Uploading your private video – 100 credits / per video

Is AsianMelodies a good dating site? Of course, it is, especially if to consider all the features it is backed with.


Is AsianMelodies a Real Dating Site?

AsianMelodies is a truly real dating site. This is confirmed by thousands of positive reviews of happy customers who have met their love here. If you do not believe the reviews, we suggest that you create your account. This procedure is free and very fast.

How Many Members Does AsianMelodies Have?

This site is very popular and therefore has a large number of users. At the moment, it is millions of the most enviable single men from around the world and the most enviable brides from China.

Is AsianMelodies Worth It?

Our answer is yes! AsianMelodies is really worth it because it has everything to be considered as such. There are the best singles from all over China, services that are much more loyal and transparent than competitors. Users are not afraid to become a victim of scammers, because this site is very secure.

How to Use AsianMelodies?

Using the site is very simple and straightforward. To make use of it, create an account, fill out a profile, and start looking for beautiful and smart girls who are waiting for you.

Can I Use AsianMelodies Anonymously?

Alas, such a service is not available. For security reasons, payment for services is allowed only to open users. Anonymous users cannot make any money transactions. The only thing that the administration allows is to hide some information from the public.

Is AsianMelodies Free?

The site is free. You pay only for using its capabilities. Each opportunity is one-time and is available if there are credits in the account.

How Can I Delete My AsianMelodies Profile?

This online resource also allows you to delete and restore a profile. To delete, you need to find the “delete” button in the profile settings and click on it. After that, your profile will be deleted. To restore, you need to go to your email address and confirm the recovery profile by clicking on the appropriate link.

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